Funny Kid Quotes

Leeland’s Thought


Leeland was picking up his room today after lining up about 50 picture books in a square around his room. He was working hard and when finished he came in and told me this:

“so mom, I can pick up my room with two hands so it’s OK if I don’t have a brother. It’s OK if the baby is a girl.”

The background to this new revelation is that a few months ago I asked Leeland to pick up his room as well as the girls. He came in and said that he needed another “worker” to help him in his room. I told him he had two hands and that he would be just fine. He said that the baby should be a boy so he could have his own worker in his room just like the girls. Apparently, he is older now and his two hands can get the job done and another sister would be OK too.

*This picture was taken on Mother’s Day at Sertoma Park.  A man and his son brought a bunch of snakes and Leeland was none too afraid to get right in the action.  He loved to pet the snakes, hop over them, observe them, and was really excited when the snake pooped. My family joked that if the baby is a girl we could always get Leeland a pet snake.