Amelia {Month 2}

Dear Amelia,
You are already two months old. This summer has really flown by!
You started to smile at about 6 weeks old and make that "ahhh" sound. You are tracking things with your eyes and being more focused as different people hold you.

There has been lots of little girls born at church so you will have endless playmates in the future.

In July we started venturing out more. We took our first trip to the cabin. You did great only having to stop once during the six hour trip. You are by far the best car seat baby we have had yet!

We have also gone to:

  • The spray park
  • Plays in the park
  • Grandma Wilken's house
  • Church
  • Mops bible study
  • And countless other play dates

You have your sleepy days and your fussy days. On your fussy days we walk around with you and bounce you trying to make you feel better. Although if you were sleepy all the time or quite it would be easy to put you down. This way we always are staying connected😉

Bath times are turning into a favorite activity. You seem to like your baths. You smile and kick and almost giggled the other day. I see lots of trips to the Luverne pool in your future!

We love you so much Amelia Joy!


PS. At your 2 month appointment you weighed 11 lbs 4 oz and was 22 inches in length. The girl can eat😊