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Funny Things they say: Leeland edition

While the kids were asking about if they could watch the video zaboomafoo on amazon prime.

Lillian: can you search to see if we can watch zaboomafoo?

Me: nope it’s not free

Leeland: can’t you unfree it?

Me: nope

Leeland: can you cut it free?

Me: nope it doesn’t work like that.

Leeland: mom it’s coming fast … the hunger

Leeland will often say I love you at very random times. Here is a snippet of a conversation from the other day.

Leeland: mom I pooped…. mom it stinks…. mom I love you!!

While coming home from the hot air balloon launch we found out they would not launch because of weather and storms. We said they could not go up because it would not be safe.

Leeland: We could go to cherry berry, that would be a safe place!

Love the logic of a 3 year old!

Funny Kid Quotes

Leeland’s Thought


Leeland was picking up his room today after lining up about 50 picture books in a square around his room. He was working hard and when finished he came in and told me this:

“so mom, I can pick up my room with two hands so it’s OK if I don’t have a brother. It’s OK if the baby is a girl.”

The background to this new revelation is that a few months ago I asked Leeland to pick up his room as well as the girls. He came in and said that he needed another “worker” to help him in his room. I told him he had two hands and that he would be just fine. He said that the baby should be a boy so he could have his own worker in his room just like the girls. Apparently, he is older now and his two hands can get the job done and another sister would be OK too.

*This picture was taken on Mother’s Day at Sertoma Park.  A man and his son brought a bunch of snakes and Leeland was none too afraid to get right in the action.  He loved to pet the snakes, hop over them, observe them, and was really excited when the snake pooped. My family joked that if the baby is a girl we could always get Leeland a pet snake.

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Leeland & Baby

Leeland has been super involved in this pregnancy.  I have never had this old of child, or this verbal, while being pregnant before and boy does that make a difference.  It also helps his interest that his head is the exact height of my ever growing belly. Daily Leeland does the following things:

  • Come up and kiss my belly
  • Hug my belly and then try to wrestle the baby from the outside.
  • Say “Hi Baby” in a very big voice. (The baby will either know Leeland well or maybe be a bit afraid of him.
  • Declare that the baby is a boy and talk in great lengths about how he wants and needs a brother. He needs another “worker” in his room for clean up. That he already has two sisters. That dad doesn’t count because he isn’t little. Yes, Leeland has thought this one out. (For the record we don’t know the gender and won’t find out until the baby is here)
  • Asking if the baby is hungry when I take my vitimins and supplements
  • Ask if the baby is coming out
  • Ask why it is taking so long

The other day he was sitting on my lap and he started naming different parts of my body: eyes, forehead, hands, fingers, ears, mouth, baby (stomach), and yes, when he looked at my breasts he simply said, “Feeders! Right mom these are the feeders for the baby?” Oh the joy of a three year old knowing lots and lots of things. Breast feeding should be filled with lots of fun stories.


LEELAND turns T W O!!


Dear Leeland,

Today is your birthday. I have been telling you for the last few days that this time we are going to say Happy Birthday to Leeland.  You say, “No!” When I carry you to your crib, I say, “Are you my little baby?” and you say, “No!” You are absolutely correct though, you are my big, active, 30+ pound, fun loving two year old!

Mom and Dad joke because we say we feel like you have been two for  many months now. You have grown up fast and love to keep up with those sisters.  You and Norah are very good buddies, you play well together usually.  You are always calling her name and looking for her.  You let Lillian read you books and help you get water.  They take good care of you.

You are talking up a storm. Some words we understand and most we don’t.  Everyone says that you are going to talk a lot.  You have many important things that you want to tell us.  You are using two- three word phrases: Please help Mom, more wa-wa please, up please.  You also use the word MINE a lot.

You absolutely love trains, trucks and cars.  You take them to nap with you and sleep with them at night.  You like to carry them around the house and move them on different surfaces.  After breakfast you always love to play with your trains.  You like to watch trains videos, and wear your Thomas shirt.  Sometimes you take all of your trains and little buses and put them in the Doll house mini-van and move them around.  Putting things in things never gets old.

You are now officially a fan of books. You like to read before nap and bedtime. Here are your favorites: Good night Gorilla, Little Blue Truck,  There’s a Mouse in the House, Pat the Bunny, and any touchy feely Cat , Dog, or Cow book!

You love to sing, dance and move fast.  You can even go down the carpeted stairs on your tummy in about 2 seconds.  You  love to make things fun!  you can keep going strong, but still take a long two + hour nap in the afternoon. If you wake up on your own you always have a smile on your face and are pretty happy.

We are excited to celebrate you today! My sweet boy!



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9 Months Old

Dear Leeland,

You are nine months old today.  When I took pictures of you yesterday you looked like such a big boy. Here is mommy’s little list of the things that make you Mommy’s big boy:

  • You are wearing baseball caps and shirts that don’t button between the legs
  • When I say, “give me a high five” in the swing you hold out your hand to touch mine
  • You eat like a big boy.  You have started to eat Cheerios by the handful and even throw a fit if you don’t get those first.
  • You explore the house and the world around you.  The chickens and hunter make you pretty excited.
  • You went to Moppets at MOPS and did great for 2 hours. You even took a nap.
  • You are starting to get your two bottom teeth.
  • You are saying, “daddadad” and “MMMMMMM”
  • You know when we are somewhere new
  • You ride in the wagon down the driveway

However, you are still my little guy in so many ways:

  • You still fall asleep in the carseat and sleep through storytime at the library.
  • You still have footie pajamas
  • You take two naps a day (one still with mommy in the chair)
  • Your hair is still fluffy and sticking out all over
  • You mostly like to be by mommy
  • You are my youngest and will always be my little guy!


Your Mommy




It has been 6 months now of having 3 kids and after 2 plus year of saying, “the girls”… I think I have finally transitioned to say, “The kids.”  I’m blessed by this little ragamuffin group.  I thought today I would reflect on some things that you might not know about each one.


Leeland is….

army crawing fast across the floor when he sees something he wants (which is pretty much anything on the floor)

trying to be attached to mommy has much as possible lately especially at night

making spitting noises with his mouth currently in the swing.

in the 10th percentile of weight (only 14 lbs 5 ounces) and 70 percentile for length (27 inches)

loves swinging and being outside!

happy.. but I think most of you all know that already!


Norah is…..

going to turn 3 after her birthday (she says that statement at least one time a day

thinks that slides in the water park are “too wet”  and she would not go down them.

often thought of as older than a two year old (at least she is mature some of the time).

always singing. She pretty much is always making up songs or some tunes.  I think she thinks that her life is a musical 🙂

thoughtful. For almost 2 months she split an m-&-m with her teeth and shared half with her sister when she got one for going potty.


Lillian is….

a little monkey on the swingset. She has figured out how to do the monkey bars all by herself.

always writing notes to people.  Her favorite thing to do is take an old roll of fax paper and make drawings and writings on them.

starting to go (and like) Sunday School at Church.

always laying her clothes out for what she is going to wear tomorrow.  Sometimes she is already dressed in her skirt and shirt before I wake up!

dry at night has been wearing underware for 3 weeks! ( YIPPEE one out of pull-ups!)

loving. She always gives kisses and hugs to everyone in the family to make them feel loved!