This Weekend

This weekend was another lovely weekend of time spent at home!


We started with a fun homeschool field trip to a Stendland’s Dairy farm. Chris was able to join us and boy was he glad he did. We saw a farm fully functioning with only about 7 employees and a bunch of robots! Plus the kids got to bottle feed calfs what is better than that?


We introduced the creek at Mary Jo Arboretum to Chris.  We had been on Monday and it was so much fun. Kids played in the water, built mud sculptures and donut holes, and Leeland threw rocks. This was Amelia’s sort of fussy day so it also involved constantly soothing a child.  The creek was pretty busy that day in terms of events. We watched a family photo shoot, senior picture shoot and a wedding set up. We were almost those people across the bank – with a crying baby and swim suit clad kids- that were the backdrop to their wedding. We decided to leave when the guest started arriving 😉

Also after reading the Magnolia story about Chip and Joanna Gaines we have been watching lots of Fixer Upper. There has been lots of talk about taking out walls and changing rooms in our house. Most of it is future stuff but we did decided to tackle the fire place and paint the brass black. We also want to change out the mantle with something more rustic.

Saturday we did his and hers shopping. Chris and big kids went to Menards and Amelia and I went to Targetand the Dollar Tree.  I had two missions. Buy activities for our upcoming van trip (blog post yet to come) and buy decorations for two campers bunks for Royal Family Kids Camp. Successful trip!


Church and inside projects and lots of cute Amelia pictures. Can’t believe she is already 6 weeks old. She has developed some serious cheeks.