3 Weeks old

Amelia is three weeks old today!

We have enjoyed every day of her life. It is a blessing from God! 

She is starting to be more awake and look at the people that are holding her. The sleepy newborn honeymoon stage is not as prevelant.

At her two week appointment she weighed 8 pounds. 

The kids like talking about all her firsts: going to church, seeing a train, going to the pancake house, having a bath at home, wearing a specific outfit! 

She also had newborn photos done in Monday! Cute pictures to come!!!

At three weeks Amelia is so much apart of our lives and it’s hard to remember life before her. We give thanks to God for this sweet girl !


First Bath

The kids were so excited to have Amelia have her first bath at home. I kept reminding them that babies usually cry and don’t really care for baths. Plus we were waiting for her umbilical cord to fall off.  When she was two weeks old it did fall off . Leeland told us, “that her plug fell off!”

Monday we were going to do newborn pictures with Amelia and so the kids helped me do her first bath. Lillian and Norah helped photograph and take video. Leeland wanted to brush her hair.

Amelia did pretty good . She cried some but calmed down after a bit. It was fun to see her fluffy hair poof up after her bath!


Currently in June

Soaking up time with Amelia. I love this picture. It’s crazy to see my oldest and my youngest together. So blessed!

Going to our first play at the park with Aunt Laura and cousin Ashley

Eating meals brought to us by church families. Lillian keeps saying, ” Mom aren’t you glad you can eat real food again!”

Watching BBC Sherlock Holmes tv show on Netflix’s. It’s really good!

Attending MOPS bible study every Thursday. We are doing a study on the Psalms. It’s the perfect mix of mom support and bible study! 

Sleeping in the afternoon so I can function the rest of the day

Spending time with Grandma Wilken this week for a few days.  

Sitting on the porch watching the kids play outside.

Reading the book “Present over Perfect”. A great read on how to get rid of things that keep you from peace and rest.  

Splashing at the spray park on a beautiful summer day.

Learning how to give my older kids bits of one of one time so they don’t feel lost in this baby transition.

Thankful for having Amelia born in June , to have a break from school, nice weather to let kids play outside, for a friend who does a CSA to buy veggies from this year since I don’t have a garden.  

PS- most all of the activities all include me nursing Amelia while doing them.  Man I forget how much time I spend nursing! It takes a lot to grow those newborns.


Berry Pick’in

One of the things that has been on our summer bucket list for the last few years is picking strawberries at Hansen’s Berry Farm in Beaver Creek, MN.  We love going, picking and eating the fresh strawberries.

Their opening day was on Saturday and so Chris came with and we picked 13 pounds of red ripe strawberries!

Amelia got to hang out with me in the baby carrier and blissfully slept.

Later that night we had some friends over and for the kids we just set out a 5 gallon bucket of strawberries and let them go at it!

Let summer begin!

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1 Week Old

Dear Amelia Joy,

You are already 1 week old today. So many people have come to visit you and love on you!

Your eyes are a more brighter blue! They are starting to search for mama and those familiar voices. Since you have gotten home your are held almost exclusively in loving arms. Your siblings love you SO much!

You are such a little peanut but growing fast. At 5 days old you were already back up to 7 pounds.  You gained 2 ounces a day.

You have survived some trips in the car seat without much crying. Mama appreciates this so. Your siblings like to note when it’s your first time to do something: first picnic, mops, seeing a train, going to the Dr, and so on.

It’s been a week full of soaking in the joys of a newborn and learning more about you!!

We love you,



everyone’s new pastime 

There is something about holding a sleeping baby. The sudden urge to fall asleep oneself is very strong. Especially if you are already a bit sleep deprived. Norah and Lillian have also started snoozing with their sister.  It’s a pretty awesome way to spend some time.

Leeland on the other hand has a different option. After holding her for a while the other day he said, ” I’m done Mom, it’s just taking too long for her to wake up.”

Family, Kids

The Little Cousins

In my family there is an age gap of 15 years between my eldest brother and my youngest sister. Growing up we were spaced out and that translated into many years of grandchildren for my parents and now my mom.

My younger sister Molly and I have birthed a little tribe of children and it’s always an adventure when we get together. This week Molly and her three children came over to meet Amelia. They all wanted to hold her while she was still so small and new.  That meant that we had a very fun and excited group of 7 kiddos. Aged the following ( 5 days, 10 months, 2 years, 3 years , 4 years, 5 years, and 7 years).

The day was fun, sweaty, loud, filled with play, dirt, injury and lots of cousin love.

They played hard until then sun went down and way past tired boundaries. Leeland kept getting hurt every 10 minutes and we ended the day with a text to Aunt Laura to ask about signs of a concussion. We were in the clear but boy do boys play hard.

Funny things:

  • Leeland said,” oh cute! Now Henry has a baby friend!”

  • Watching Leeland Henry and Peter all sit around Amelia

  • Anne wore her dress that Grandma Wilken made and soon all three of the girls came down in their matching dresses.

The Blessing of Family

If you would have asked us who was watching our kids while we were at the hospital our response was: we have lots of options but no idea who.   The fun/hard thing about going into labor naturally is that you can’t plan when it’s going to happen. Chris an I would often start to say if it happens on this day or at this time so and so can watch them. But then we would have more questions wth answers we couldn’t figure out.  So we just didn’t figure it out.  It was hard not to have a concrete plan but honestly we could have figured out a better plan than God orchestrated last week. 

My water broke on Thursday night at about 7:00 pm. Earlier in the day Grandma and Grandpa Maloney texted that they were back from the cabin and could come stay overnight with the kids if we went into labor. So one piece of our puzzle was figured out. Grandma and Grandpa were going to be our “night shift team” . They slept at our house and gave our kids the ability to sleep in their own beds and have some normal in their schedule. 

The second God timing blessing was having Amelia on the weekend. We started contacting different family members to help us cover the “day shift”. The Rupp’s had just finished school and offered to watch the kids on Friday, Aunt Heidi took Saturday, and Keith and Laura took Sunday.  Our kids went swimming, played at parks, were fed , watched movies, played with, read to, loved on, shuttled around the city and well taken care of! 

This made Chris and I super relaxed about the care of our children.  My mama heart was filled to overflowing as I was truest blessed by the loving care our children received.  God has blessed us with a loving and supportive family that came along side us and help us transition smoothly from being a family of 5 to a family of 6!


2:56 a.m

The other night Miss Amelia woke up. I started to feed her and noticed she needed to be changed. I changed her diaper, sat in the rocking chair only to hear the loud sound of a newborn pooping again. I let her eat some more and started to change her diaper and wipe her up and while she was free of any diaper she pooped again all over her sleep sack blanket. I strip her down and suddenly Miss Amelia decides that it is awake time. She moves around, looks with her pretty blue eyes and starts to eat again. I figure that she is about done with everything so I start to get her back into some clothes. I then proceed to pull the other blanket out of the dirty laundry basket that was definitely less dirty then the present one and put it on her. I literally just finish zipping it and I hear that familiar sound of Amelia pooping again. 

This is the newborn life folks! 


Welcome Amelia Joy!


Our fourth little miracle arrived on Friday, June 2nd at 5:16 am.

We are soaking in all the wonderful newbornness. Enjoying all those firsts, sights, smells and oh so soft skin.

It has been almost 6 years since we have brought home a little girl to our house and we couldn’t be more excited!

Amelia was 7lbs 4oz in weight, 20.5 inches and length, and is rocking a full head of wavey brown hair. Her eyes, when awake, are a blue for now.

Amelia means- “work of the Lord” , “hard working”, “industrious”, “Striving”.  Her middle name , Joy, is one she shares with with me.


What a miracle it is to bring forth another life into our family! I had a woman at church describe pregnancy and labor as one of those Holy moments and divine honor God gives women! True! A hundred times true!