Spring Tradition

First Day of Spring Tradition


This is our 3rd year in a row of doing our First Day of Spring (or close to) Egg Hunt and Family basket.  Click here for 2016  blog & 2015 blog.  You can read about in detail in my past blogs as to why the change.  It has really been a game changer for me as far as taking the pressure off of Easter morning to “do it all” and also to keep the focus pure and joyful for Easter Morning. Because we all know it’s just hard enough to just get up, dress, and get to church on time (without all the fuss about Easter baskets).

This year for our Egg hunt I went with a lego set challenge for the girls and a magnet set challenge for Leeland. It was like a fun engineering (STEM) and Egg hunt all rolled into one.  A few days before the hunt I told Chris my plan for breaking up the tiny lego and magnet sets and putting them in eggs and hiding them outside.  He questioned the soundness of my plan and added some suggestions. It had been cold and so we moved the hunt indoors. The girls’ eggs got numbered 1-36 and were empty. They had to find their eggs in sequential order. After they found egg number one they got a corresponding packet with those legos in it. They had to work as a team and build the set together. Folks this took them over 2 HOURS to find and build their set. HUGE egg hunt win.

Leeland liked having things inside the eggs and would open them up and put them back into the packaging “mold” to make sure he found all his eggs. It took him 45-1 hour for him to do his hunt as well.

Before lunch we called the kids down and showed them their family basket.  We took a break of our live butterflies and loaned that stuff to my sister this year.  My thoughts for what to put in here fell under these few categories: Something they wanted, something they could use for school, special snack and family memories.  I also printed off these pretty scripture cards to attach to all the gifts:  Here is what we came up with this year.

Something they wanted:

  • Lillian had really been wanting a bible with chapters and verses in it. We are beyond the story book phase and so I did some research and found the NIrV Adventure bible. It is a perfect fit! (2nd grade reading level, pictures, cute cover!!)
  • Norah really wanted some jewelry. We found a perfect cross necklace. Simple and done!
  • Leeland wanted a bike helmet. I like the yellow color. However, as we found out later that week you do have to wear the helmet for it to offer some protection to your head. Oh, Leeland.

Something they could use:

  • Kwik Sticks- These are tempera solid sticks that you can “paint” with and they dry in 90 seconds. Can’t say enough about these. AMAZING and so much better then messy tempera paint.  We are totally switching over to these in the future for school art projects.

Special Snack:

  • I made Joy the bakers, PB Brown Butter rice Krispie Treats in the shape of eggs. Fun and yummy!

Family Memory:

  • I made a scrapbook of our time at the Wisconsin Dells and a youtube video of our trip. Love these both and it made me get these projects done because I had to have a deadline.

It really was a fun way to spend a Saturday morning.  It was relaxed. The kids could actually enjoy what was happening because we had time to devote to it. We, as parents, had fun knowing our kids and what they like and being able to make that day special.  I really like this quote from Stephanie Nielson’s blog about Traditions:

“Traditions bring happiness, stability, and assurance.
As as long as I am the mother around here 
we will celebrate anything and everything we can think of.”