Norah turns S I X


Dear Norah,

Today is the day that you have been counting down to for quite some time. Yesterday you wanted to do everything fast: eat fast, go to bed quickly just so your birthday would come faster.  You are just so excited!

Norah you have grown up so much this past year! You went from saying sounds to reading books. You have grown taller and lost your first tooth.  You ask so many questions and want to know the answers.

God had given you such a spirit of generosity and compassion for others.  When a sibling is sad over not getting something you most likely will share what you have to make them feel better!


You love love love your baby sister Amelia. You love to hold her and give her kisses. You have even gotten up early so you can have time to hold her before your siblings get up. ( which is saying something because you like to sleep in.)

Your imagination is the best! You love to think of things to play. This summer you created a fort inbetween some pine trees that had entertained you and others for hours. You sing lots and can memorize song so fast.

You love to eat cherry tomatoes, watermelon, and anything bread like. Legos and American girl Dolls are are your favorite thing to play in the house, while you listen to audio books with your sister.

You are my super passionate, know-what-you-want-girl. God has blessed our family with you life and I am so thankful. We love you so much Norah Reagan!

Lots of Love,



A Toothbrush for Norah

Over that last month we have gotten the hint that maybe Norah is ready for a toothbrush.  One morning we saw her take a q-tip and use that as a toothbrush… another morning it was a comb.  This last weekend we finally got on for her. You never saw a happier girl. We will see if the joy of brushing ones teeth last:) She is happy to join the crew of teethbrushers. Here is the pictures of her 1st brushing her teeth!



Family, Lillian, Norah

Blink- Where did September Go???

I really don’t know where September went… birthdays came…. the leaves started changing and the field corn started to get harvested.  We did, however, manage to squeeze a few things in this month as a family.  We did a very spur of the moment trip to the Omaha Zoo. What a treat! It is one of my favorite zoos.

We also visited the orchard that is right by our house.  We picked Honey Crisps and made applesauce! We also picked up some cider to make yummy Caribou knock off drinks! You have to improvise when you live in the country:)

Norah, Uncategorized

The Very Hungry Norah

At 11:00  Norah ate 2 pieces of daddies bread but she was still hungry

At 11:15 Norah ate 3 wedges of melon and but she was still hungry

At 11:30  Norah ate 4 strawberries, raspberries and blueberries but she was still hungry

At 12:00  Norah ate 5 veggie Straws but she was still hungry

At 12:30 Norah ate 1 bowl of Mac and Cheese, 3 club crackers, 1/2 of bun, 5 spoonfuls of sweet potatoes, baby grapes, 5 bites of watermelon, 2 bites of sweetcorn and 1 baby ice cream cone and she went to sleep.

Then the next day we woke up and ate and ate again!

While we are gone Norah learned to eat and eat. She tried all of the food mentioned above and much more. I think she must have gained at least a pound. Her nick name might change from peanut to pork chop shortly.  Norah has also has decided that she wants to feed her self – fork-spoon and all.  I have to keep telling her that she is only 13 months old. I don’t think it is working.


Home grown Teether

Norah has been working on 3 teeth coming in her poor little mouth.  It has not been a fun process, for either Norah or Mommy.  Norah has been trying to use different things to help sooth her mouth.  Her most recent soother was a cucumber.  It was the funnest thing. She ate a good portion of it too! I think she was rather proud of her new discovery. I miss her gummy smile but the toothy smile is cute too!


Family Party

We finally have a house that is big enough to host both sides of our family. No more parks or other people’s houses. It was nice to just stay at home and be able to have everyone over.  I think the total count was 28 people. Norah is a lucky girl with so many people who love her!

It was a hot 97 degrees out but there was a nice wind that made it comfortable outside.  Norah enjoyed the whole party. Watching her eat the cake was so much fun.  She really enjoyed this new experience. One of Lillian’s favorite things that Norah received was a water bottle. Lillian’s response was, “Now she has her own!” (Which means that Norah will no longer be using hers)

Norah very excited about her new noisy toy!
This looks like fun!
Just a little bit to start
I think I can do this by myself
I think I got this cake thing down!






Lillian, Norah

Two girls- 2,000 feet a piece

What to do on a HOT day? Since we have moved out to our new house we haven’t had air conditioning.  Most days it has been fine but there was a few 90 degree days that was a bit much.  So one day I brought the girls out to our big out buildings (it’s pretty cool in there) and we has some fun. They were a little dirty but it was well worth it!

This was our little garage sale find! Lillian loves bouncing
Norah knows how to walk behind her walking toy
Two girls 2,000 feet a piece
Looking stylish in her leg warmers
Lillian also enjoyed pushing her dolly stroller
Lil also pulls Norah in the wagon
What a silly face

1 year minus 21 days

Norah is rocketing toward her 1st year birthday. I can hardly believe it.  It seems that just yesterday I was still pregnant with her in those hot summer days. However, time doesn’t stand still and she continues to grow and learn.  She constantly surprises us with how much she already knows.   She will still probably be refered to as baby Norah by me and Lillian and her friend Simeon, however, being one makes you feel that much more older.

 We have learned that she is very determined – focused and a strong-willed person.    She is climbing up everything: Flights of stairs, foot stools, and chairs.  Then she gives us her million dollar smile.

She is super expressive and loves people. Grandma and Grandpa Maloney came over and she started acting all silly and vocal.  I think she is a big social butterfly (that must come from daddy 🙂

Norah is a people watcher. She loves watching people at the park, pool and library.  She sat stood through an entire puppet show at the library.  She loves listening to books and watching Lillian.

She is eating more and more… bananas, cream of wheat cereal and sweet potatoes… Veggies are coming soon:) She even shakes her head no when she is done eating.


Norah is very close to walking. She is already walking behind walking toys.  She is walking in between objects, along the fireplace ledge and holding our hands.  She has maybe taken 1-2 steps by herself forward. I know it’s coming soon. Watch out world she is going to be a runner.

This is a pose we see Norah do very often.  Whenever she wants us to pick her up she puts her hands together  at the base of our feet. It’s so sweet. My mom is especially taken with this little maneuver.

Norah is so loved by everyone. We can’t wait to celebrate her birthday in 21 days!

*Precious pictures taken by my friend Danae


Lillian, Norah

Nana Nana

On May 13th, Norah started eating Bananas for the 1st time.  My mom was holding her while we were eating and she let out a big scream and dove toward her spoon. I took the clue and mashed up some bananas.  They were a hit and she didn’t spit any of them out.  What a good eater. Since then we have also tried cream of wheat, another winner!  Miss almost 11 months has been busy crawling around this whole big house. She is trying to free stand, moves to music and hates baths.  The other day she enjoyed being pulled in the wagon by her sister. She loves shoes and tries to eat them at any given moment.

Breakfast on the floor the 1st morning here until we found our high chair and put our table together!