Happy Birthday 8 Year Old


Dear Lillian,

It is finally your birthday! You have been oh so excited to turn 8 years old. Just last night you were talking about how you would turn 9 after next year.  You love to look ahead and move on to the next thing. You are my: What’s going on today- girl, who’s coming over -girl, what’s is the plan -girl! You are a planner at heart!

You have grown so much this year, not only in height but in maturity. You tried paddle boarding and kayaking this summer and loved it!  You have an extraordinary love for your sister Amelia.  You love to hold, walk, sing and love on her.  You are taking in this new baby thing in great strides.

This year you have learned how to read silently. This is something that she has wanted to do since Kindergarten.  You have already finished a couple of little chapter books.  In addition to all the audio books that you listen to there is a lot of language going in through your head right now.

Dad and I have watched you transition from a little girl to a grown up young lady.  Wherever you are you always love to hang out with the oldest girl around. That might be your aunt or a friend in a new family we are having for dinner.  This summer you helped with our Mobile VBS and helped pass out bibles, paint fingernails, and talk to kids.  You love Jesus and want to others to know him too!

We love you so much 8 year old!


Mom and Dad


Lillian is all about …

I was going through drafts of blog posts the other day and found this one that was never published about Lillian from when she was three years old in May of 2012. thought that I would do a bit of comparison between what I wrote a couple of years ago and currently. Lillian thought it was pretty funny when I read it to her.


Dora– She has Dora socks, shoes, shirts, a purse & even underwear (tho they are not getting much use yet )

Eating-Her favorite food currently is: daddy’s bread, toasted ( which she calls crunched), little oranges, strawberries, popcorn, eggs, hot dogs, and anything at the Grandparents houses.

Writing-Lillian is a writer.  She loves little notebooks and writing with a pen.   She spends tons of time writing little notes to us and folding them in half to make them like a letter.


Moana-Lillian first watched this Disney movie when we were at the hospital when Amelia was born. She watched it with her cousins! Since then she has seen it 2 more times and loves it. After we watched it as a family and she preceded to ask us what our favorite song was , favorite character, funny moment, etc. then Norah got a moana lego set for her birthday and that has only spurred more Fun and fascination. Lillian says this movie was as good as Frozen.

Eating– Lillian likes fettuccine Alfredo, scones, tortillas with peanut butter and cinnamon sugar, pickles, egg salad, Colby cheese, salami and most any kind of dessert.

Audio books-Lillian spends countless hours listening to audio books in her room. We always said that when she learns to ready we will never see her again. Well since fluent self reading isn’t quite there she has turned into the biggest audio book reader. We currently check them out from the library, download from audible, listen on hoopla digital, and buy them when they complete a reading curriculum book.  Some of her favorite audio books are: Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden, Charlotte’s web, and The Mouse and the Motorcycle series.


Jesus and Oatmeal


One week ago today on Tuesday, January 22nd-  We were eating oatmeal and reading our morning Preschool Devotional.  Sometimes I don’t know if anyone is really listening to the words I’m reading between the bites. However, this morning something read started Lillian  talking about going to heaven.  She started talking about all the people who will go to heaven and how she would like to go to. We talked about how you have to ask and pray to have Jesus in your heart.  I said whenever she would like to do this to talk to Mom or Dad. Lillian’s response was, ok mom. Then she started this prayer, “Dear Jesus,  Jesus  be in my heart, make me feel better, thanks for the oatmeal, Amen.”

So simple and sweet! Mommy and Daddy are excited about your decision and how you will learn more about choice to follow Jesus! Here is to little steps on a big journey, and thanks for the oatmeal!


Thoughts from Lillian

While at the Zoo Lillian looked out over field with the buffalo and said, ” Look mom turtles, those turtles are on land.” (aka buffalo patties)

After devotions Lillian asked:

Lil: Mommy are we going to drive our car to heaven?
Me: No, Jesus will take us there, kind of like flying.
Lil: Oh, how does our car get there?
Me: We don’t need a car in heaven.
Lil: I will need help flying or I’ll need a bandaid.  Will there be other people there?
Me: Yes, if they love Jesus and have him in their heart.
( Then she proceeded to list everyone in our family that will be in heaven) it was so precious.

Lil: That will be so fun!

Lil: What is Norah’s teacher at MOPS?
Me: Brenda
Lil: Oh like the other Brenda?
Me: Yes
Lil: Oh, they are a match:)

Other things that she likes to say is: Actutally, and well.

Family, Lillian, Norah

Blink- Where did September Go???

I really don’t know where September went… birthdays came…. the leaves started changing and the field corn started to get harvested.  We did, however, manage to squeeze a few things in this month as a family.  We did a very spur of the moment trip to the Omaha Zoo. What a treat! It is one of my favorite zoos.

We also visited the orchard that is right by our house.  We picked Honey Crisps and made applesauce! We also picked up some cider to make yummy Caribou knock off drinks! You have to improvise when you live in the country:)


Highlights of Lillian’s Big Day

This is what Lillian woke up to on her birthday. Birthday with a splash of Dora.
Lillian started out the day with one of her favorite breakfast items- Daddies Cinnamon rolls. She also found a wand and Dora crown at her table spot.


Norah liked the crown too:)
Next we went to all american with our dear friends the Ovendens.
Little miss gymnast
Lillian and the boys after an hour of hard play.
We make homemade ice cream cake and smore cupcakes. They were a big hit.
I love this picture of Lillian looking at her ice cream cake:) Yummy
Norah really enjoyed her Smore cupcake
The mess! Yes, we did go to bed with it looking like this. Birthdays are exhausting!











Happy Happy Happy Birthday

At the Hospital 1 day old
6 months old
1 year old
2 years old
3 Year old!

Dear Terriffic Three Year Old,

Today you are three and oh how excited you are to have your birthday party.  You have been talking about it for weeks.  You can show three fingers and say your birthday is in September.  You are a very excited for presents, people and your party.

You are starting to look like a 3 year old. Your getting taller and your hair longer.  You are POTTY TRAINED (Expect at night) and we are all happy! You talk and talk and talk all the time.  You like to take random items around the house and use them as cell phones, ipads, and cameras.

You love to read and visit the library.  You like to have your library books with you in your bed and by your bed at nap and bed time.  You know all your alphabet letters and most of your sounds.  You can write some letters and have started to write your name.  Momma’s so proud!

You sing and make up songs. These are usually sung at a very loud decibel throughout the house.  You know many songs and often request “your music” in the car.

You have tons of energy and like to do somersaults and jump on Rody around the house. Your energy never seems to run out.

You are Mommy’s little helper. You help in the kitchen, with the laundry and helping feed Norah.

You are learning how to be a big sister and how it’s not always easy. Norah gets in your things, pinches and bites but she loves you very much. You just might not always feel the love.

You are very fond of your cousins and love to spend time with them. You would probably play with them all day everyday if you could! Sleep overs are your cup of tea.

Mommy and Daddy and Norah love you very much and Wish you a very Happy Birthday!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to You
Make a happy birthday wish and may all your wishes come true
We all love you
We’re here to celebrate you
We all love you
We’re here to celebrate YOU!


A Rising Olympic Star

Lillian loved watching the olympics as much as us over the last month (we DVR it so continued to watch long after the closing ceremony)

She would hum the olympic tune…. enjoy eating in the living room picnic style (a rare treat), and practice her gymnastics.  She loved doing somersaults, rhythmic gymnastics with the ball and standing on this stool and jumping off (beam maybe?)

Here is our little gymnist in action…

Way to go Lillian… da…da..da da da da..dada