Currently- October 2017

Currently we are

Swimming– we have been back swimming to Luverne twice now since Amelia has been born. We missed it so!

doing school– we are learning lot during the but that’s kind of the point of homeschooling. Lots of subtracting, painting, writing, READING , praying , poetry teas, face timing cousins to read books and learn from Aunt Molly about grammar.

 checking out lots of books at the Library– we go usually once a week. We are trying to make it to each library in the city and surrounding towns during this school year. We have been learning librarian names and checking out tons of books. We are also trying to read all the picture books written by Patricia Polacco. There are over a hundred.

Washing eggs– our new group of hens are now laying and it’s time to find some more customers for these farm fresh eggs.

Playing games– we usually do this as a family before bed. I also taught he girls how to play the card game war. They love it. I found them playing in the dark with only the light of an LED candle  to illuminate their cards. Silly girls!

Moving lots– Amelia is an active almost 5 month baby. She is rolling over, working her way around a circle on her tummy. Kicking her legs and always observing where I am at.

Thinking– of lots of winter projects to do in the house now that it’s turned colder.

Cooking– last fall I pretty much wasn’t eating anything let alone cooking due to all day sickness with pregnancy.  I am making up for that this fall.  Trying to meal prep with Chris on the weekend for the week. Also trying to make good lunches for him and I for at least a few of the days.  Oh food… you are so much work but yes worth it… some days.

Enjoying– leading the 3rd grade girls +Norah on Wednesday nights at church. I am their small group leader and I think we are starting to bond. I know their names, starting to know their hearts . They are a funny group of gals! Lillian is in good company!

Ready for November– October was a busy one for our family! We had a pretty big event every weekend in October. From Foster Day camp – to 50th wedding anniversary-wedding showers and trunk or treat at our church Halloween. It took a lot of planning , trips to Walmart and working together but they all went great. We are ready for a slower  November.


Currently in June

Soaking up time with Amelia. I love this picture. It’s crazy to see my oldest and my youngest together. So blessed!

Going to our first play at the park with Aunt Laura and cousin Ashley

Eating meals brought to us by church families. Lillian keeps saying, ” Mom aren’t you glad you can eat real food again!”

Watching BBC Sherlock Holmes tv show on Netflix’s. It’s really good!

Attending MOPS bible study every Thursday. We are doing a study on the Psalms. It’s the perfect mix of mom support and bible study! 

Sleeping in the afternoon so I can function the rest of the day

Spending time with Grandma Wilken this week for a few days.  

Sitting on the porch watching the kids play outside.

Reading the book “Present over Perfect”. A great read on how to get rid of things that keep you from peace and rest.  

Splashing at the spray park on a beautiful summer day.

Learning how to give my older kids bits of one of one time so they don’t feel lost in this baby transition.

Thankful for having Amelia born in June , to have a break from school, nice weather to let kids play outside, for a friend who does a CSA to buy veggies from this year since I don’t have a garden.  

PS- most all of the activities all include me nursing Amelia while doing them.  Man I forget how much time I spend nursing! It takes a lot to grow those newborns.


I’m Back

Hello Friends and Family!

It has been a long time since you have seen a blog from me in your email or blog roll. Over 7 months in fact! Last Fall I originally stopped blogging because I literally ran out of “picture space” here on this blog site (luckily the finally added an pretty affordable option for personal bloggers like me) .  Then factor number two- getting pregnant hit that same month.

Sickness stopped around December and normal life started settle in again.

The last few weeks and months I have really missed this platform to write down life and all it’s little and big moments. I don’t journal much and when I started writing blog posts in my head I thought it was probably time to pick this back up again.

Here is a little lately list of what has been happening:

Currently: in the 3rd trimester of Pregnancy at 30 weeks

Listening: to pod-casts of Read-aloud-Revival

Reading: with Lillian in her new bible.

Loving: Spring rain and spring weather

Counting: carbs and sugars because of my gestational diabetes stuff

Thinking: that no matter what I eat my body decides to do whatever it wants… I have no control

Planning: A trip to Grandma’s with my sister Molly and all the kids

Anxious: to potty train Leeland before baby arrives. People we have been in diapers or pullups for 7 and half years…. there is failure and success… again I have no control

Creating: spring bunting out of doilies and scrapbook paper

Excited: I got to go to a  women’s event on Saturday to hear Lisa Terkeurst and then this next weekend going to our Church’s women event. Planning lots of chances to get out before baby comes and not feeling guilty for it.

Getting: into the book of Isaiah for morning Devos. It’s hard to read but hopeful at the same time.

Starting: a family meeting between Chris and I since spring has arrived and now our attention has turned to the great outdoors. Hopefully our weekly meeting will keep the household running while Chris works to keep the outside in order.

Booking: a hotel room for our overnight date in May.  It was our goal to have a night away before baby comes.

Feeling: happy to be blogging again.