Amelia {Month 6}

Dear Amelia,
You are 6 months old today! Half a year!!! It seems short and long at the same time. It’s a good thing that you have thumbs because you love them SO much and would be lost without them! Everyone comments on how well you suck your thumb. Your fingers are constant source of entertainment. Your toes are not bad either. Such good things to suck.  We have also officially had to buckle you in when you are in the bouncer, otherwise you would bounce out.
This last month you celebrated Thanksgiving and went to your first wedding, went to see your cousins in Albert Lea and hung out with 70 plus kids at a foster kid camp!You are a trooper.
Movement is your next mission in life. You love to be on your tummy and push your self up on your elbows and hands. You roll and pivot and roll again. Crawling is coming we all feel it!
Your sleep is still crazy inconsistent and your mom and dad are usually tired but we love you so it’s all good!
Love you lots,


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