Amelia {Month 5}


Dear Amelia,

We have been focusing on gratitude in our house this a lot this year.  I saw this quote and really felt that it defines my days of raising kids and caring for a newborn. Much of a baby’s first few months of life can be described as: common, routine, and ordinary. However, with having a grateful heart and God’s help I can turn these days into: days with thanksgivings, joy and filled with blessing.


This month has been another month of huge growth and new opportunities:

  • Amelia is moving LOTS. Not only does she roll over  but she can move around in little circles on her tummy.
  • at her last Dr. visit she weighted 13 pounds 4 ounces, and was 24 inches in length.
  • sleeping was kind of rough this last month. I don’t know if she was trying to grow more but she was up like every two hours on some nights. grrr….
  • She loves her fingers and thumb. She at times can have some from each hand in her mouth.
  • Amelia went on a date with Chris and I on his birthday. She was a rock star and slept while during the first half of the night. Thank you sweetie!
  • Amelia came with me to my foster care day camp, a bridal shower for my friend, and our harvest festival at our church. At this point it is still a little easier to bring her with!

We have been blessed by little Amelia in our house for the last 5 months!  This morning is school I wrote about Amelia in my gratitude journal.

I am thankful for cute snuggles with Amelia, happy morning wake-ups, new noises, grabbing hands, gummy smiles, oh so much drool, playful moments of content play & the gift of having a baby in the house again! Love you Amelia

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