Currently- October 2017

Currently we are

Swimming– we have been back swimming to Luverne twice now since Amelia has been born. We missed it so!

doing school– we are learning lot during the but that’s kind of the point of homeschooling. Lots of subtracting, painting, writing, READING , praying , poetry teas, face timing cousins to read books and learn from Aunt Molly about grammar.

 checking out lots of books at the Library– we go usually once a week. We are trying to make it to each library in the city and surrounding towns during this school year. We have been learning librarian names and checking out tons of books. We are also trying to read all the picture books written by Patricia Polacco. There are over a hundred.

Washing eggs– our new group of hens are now laying and it’s time to find some more customers for these farm fresh eggs.

Playing games– we usually do this as a family before bed. I also taught he girls how to play the card game war. They love it. I found them playing in the dark with only the light of an LED candle  to illuminate their cards. Silly girls!

Moving lots– Amelia is an active almost 5 month baby. She is rolling over, working her way around a circle on her tummy. Kicking her legs and always observing where I am at.

Thinking– of lots of winter projects to do in the house now that it’s turned colder.

Cooking– last fall I pretty much wasn’t eating anything let alone cooking due to all day sickness with pregnancy.  I am making up for that this fall.  Trying to meal prep with Chris on the weekend for the week. Also trying to make good lunches for him and I for at least a few of the days.  Oh food… you are so much work but yes worth it… some days.

Enjoying– leading the 3rd grade girls +Norah on Wednesday nights at church. I am their small group leader and I think we are starting to bond. I know their names, starting to know their hearts . They are a funny group of gals! Lillian is in good company!

Ready for November– October was a busy one for our family! We had a pretty big event every weekend in October. From Foster Day camp – to 50th wedding anniversary-wedding showers and trunk or treat at our church Halloween. It took a lot of planning , trips to Walmart and working together but they all went great. We are ready for a slower  November.

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