Amelia {month 4}

Dear Amelia,

You are 4 months old today! You have been a busy little girl growing so big this past month.  Your biggest and accomplishment this month has been learning to how to roll over.  One night she was laying on her mat and and it looked liked she was trying to roll over.  We all watched and sure enough she did it on the first try.  After that there was no stopping her.

Her other favorite thing she did, that has also helped her out a lot, is that she learned to suck her thumb.  The first few months of life we tried to use a pacifier but she never really took to it. And who can blame you .. when you got a great thumb right on your hand and one the other.

The kids have loved how interactive Amelia has been lately. They like to make her smile and and try to make her giggle.

Other favorites:

  • Kicking while looking at her mobile
  • smiling
  • Making sounds
  • sitting in her bumbo in the middle of the table
  • sucking on 1, 2, or as many fingers that she can get in her mouth
  • Swinging in her swing
  • Always moving… being held… while we stand up and walk around!

Amelia is definitely like our other kids where she is active … she wants to be by us.. on us… and in the mix.  We love watching as everyday she  is showing us more and more of her personality.

Love lots,


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