Today marks the date of 11 years of marriage. On Saturday we got to go on a date over lunch with Amelia as our side kick!

We were on vacation and so we tried a cute little restaurant nearby. We had just ordered when we look at Amelia and see that she is totally pooping in her car seat. She gives us the biggest smile. I decide that I should change her before he food gets here when I see that the poop has exploded out of her diaper on to her outfit and over the car seat. We quickly go to the bathroom were I ,and then Chris comes , to clean up the mess.

This is life right now. We are 11 years in and still in and still in the thick of it. Marriage is work but worth the work you put into it! I’m not sure what I saw down the road 11 years ago when I married Chris. But I wouldn’t change anything . I am thankful for the man that God led me to marry and more than blessed with the family we are raising together.

Love you Chris!!!

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