Cabin Time Then & Now {a list of B’s}

I found another blog post from the past (summer of 2014) that never was published! I thought I would add in our latest trip to the cabin.



We spent lots of time on the beach this time. We met friends up at Itasca and spent the afternoon playing on the beach making sand castles and swimming. The kids played down by the dock at the cabin building sand creations. Then the last day we were there we took the kids to School Craft Lake to play on the beach. Chris and the kids continued to build on a sand castle someone left behind. By the end it was complete with a moat!

Having a baby up at the cabin always changes things. I’m a little more tied to the land than the water. We did manage one boat ride wearing that crazy infant life jacket!

For many years there was a lovely couple , Mike & Mel, that owned
Emmaville. Emmaville is a little restaurant, gas station, and store by the cabin. Mel would bake Norah’s birthday cakes, we would stop in for breakfast and eat their yummy cinnamon rolls. Friendships were forged and they were definitely our kids buddies. This trip I was kind of sad because this was the first baby that Mel hadn’t held. As luck would have it, Chris ran into Mel at Walmart. She invited us to their new lake house. Mel made cookies and held Amelia. We talked and toured their awesome house. I guess we are truly lake people now because now we have lake friends.



This year Lillian tried tubing for the 1st time by herself.

Chris caught Northerns and Bass

Norah took a few naps

Lillian took pictures of all of us in the boat

I felt more at peace out in the lake this time




This was on our summer to do list ( and probably on Chris and My to do list since we have been married. ) Bingo at the Mantrap Conservation club.

It’s 25 cents a card

The girls got bored after the first few cards and choose to work on sticker books instead

Leeland played bingo in the Moby wrap. Youngest player there:)

Grandpa won the blackout game!



The best firework show

Family time

Norah’s Birthday celebration

The weather was the best and so beautiful!


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