Lillian is all about …

I was going through drafts of blog posts the other day and found this one that was never published about Lillian from when she was three years old in May of 2012. thought that I would do a bit of comparison between what I wrote a couple of years ago and currently. Lillian thought it was pretty funny when I read it to her.


Dora– She has Dora socks, shoes, shirts, a purse & even underwear (tho they are not getting much use yet )

Eating-Her favorite food currently is: daddy’s bread, toasted ( which she calls crunched), little oranges, strawberries, popcorn, eggs, hot dogs, and anything at the Grandparents houses.

Writing-Lillian is a writer.  She loves little notebooks and writing with a pen.   She spends tons of time writing little notes to us and folding them in half to make them like a letter.


Moana-Lillian first watched this Disney movie when we were at the hospital when Amelia was born. She watched it with her cousins! Since then she has seen it 2 more times and loves it. After we watched it as a family and she preceded to ask us what our favorite song was , favorite character, funny moment, etc. then Norah got a moana lego set for her birthday and that has only spurred more Fun and fascination. Lillian says this movie was as good as Frozen.

Eating– Lillian likes fettuccine Alfredo, scones, tortillas with peanut butter and cinnamon sugar, pickles, egg salad, Colby cheese, salami and most any kind of dessert.

Audio books-Lillian spends countless hours listening to audio books in her room. We always said that when she learns to ready we will never see her again. Well since fluent self reading isn’t quite there she has turned into the biggest audio book reader. We currently check them out from the library, download from audible, listen on hoopla digital, and buy them when they complete a reading curriculum book.  Some of her favorite audio books are: Anne of Green Gables, The Secret Garden, Charlotte’s web, and The Mouse and the Motorcycle series.

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