The joy of new friends

In the last few months I have been able to witness something beautiful and heartmelting, as a mom.  I have got to see my children play with children they have never met before and within a few hours they are great friends.

On one Saturday this  summer I got the opportunity to see one of my friends from high school and her four children.  Our families match in terms of having 2 girls, a boy and then another girl.   They spent the morning playing with the kids, jumping on mom’s trampoline, going with rides in the bob cat, playing tea party with American girl dolls,and  running around the farm.



Later that day we saw them again along with about 10 other kids at an outdoor wedding reception.  All the kids played so well with literally zero toys, no devises, and minimal meltdowns. It makes my mama heart happy. Happy to see kids play and entertain themselves, happy to watch them make me friends, happy that they can love and embrace others like they are family!

BONUS: when my kids were playing I got to catch up with a couple of church friends from high school. A rare and fun reunion.

Another day at a Mops play date the girls played with some new friends at a Mom’s house. They had a picnic together, made a craft, swung from a willow tree, and imagined together. Another friend made!

On the 4th of July we met up with a new family that is joining our church from Texas. We went to a parade with them, the girls learned rock- paper-scissors, we had lunch and again made great friends!

In the end these friends we may see yearly, frequently or maybe never again but I am proud of them for embracing others.


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