Amelia’s Birth Story- Part 2

We left off our story at arriving to the birthing floor and after they checked me they quickly confirmed that my water had broke. (Read Part 1 here) I was admitted and we were on our way. The floor in general was a bit under staffed and 5 women all went into labor within an hour.  They started to call in their on call nurses and the floor became a pretty busy place in the middle of the night.

God’s blessing #4- My labor nurse named Candise.

My labor nurse drove in to work from about an hour away and did my exam at about 11. I told her my birth plan of going natural and she said that ,” you’ve got the right nurse for a natural birth.” After they check me and I was only dialated to two a two and my contractions were only about 15-20 minutes apart.  They did a fetal heart check and everything looked good.

We decided to start walking the hallways to get this labor going. I really felt pretty good at this point and we walked almost 2 miles on that unit.

We went back into our room at about 1:00. They checked me and I was slowly progressing and was at 3. They started me on a slow drip with some pictosin to help progress labor. Then I got to go and sit in the tub.

Since there was no rest for the weary this night , Chris took a brief nap on the couch. I was breathing through some stronger contractions. At around 3:00 am I was starting to get louder in my contractions and Candise came to check on me. I told her I needed to get out of the tub and was getting pretty uncomfortable.

We had told them that I go pretty fast and so they thought this was showtime. Bless their hearts! They had gotten everything ready and woke up the doctor checked me and I was only between a 5 and a 6.

Deflating…… everyone left…. and I thought, “wow I’m tired!!!” Now the room was empty again except for Candise , Chris and me.

Candise helped me get into different positions using: the excercise ball, this inflatable peanut ball, leaning up against the bed and sitting on the toilet. She was amazing and encouraging! At this point I was still able to breath through contractions and focus on my job at hand.

The hours between 3:00 and 5:00 were really a blur. I tried different positions and up until this point was doing this think all natural.  I think they checked me again sometime inbetween and thought I had another sac of water that was slowing down labor. I was still only dialated to a 7 or 8 at this point.  I was really exhausted and feeling the pain of labor. I had almost been up for 24 hours and I was done.  During these contractions I started to not be able to focus the pain and my body was locking up and tense.

I asked if I could have some drip IV and they also gave me a fast acting shot.  She asked me if I was feeling like pushing and I said no, but was feeling tons of pain. I was rolled over on my side and felt some relief fast. I was able to breath some though the contractions and not give up. This must have been shortly before 5:00 am. I remember looking up at the clock thinking , “!ive been up for 24 hours … I’m done… this baby is never coming. ”

I was pretty non coherent  at this point.  At this time Candise could tell I was close even though I couldn’t. She asked to check me and said th magical words, ” we are there!” And ” Marisa if you roll over on your back you are going to have this baby!” Everyone came back in th room ! The doctor checked me again and I was at a 10 at 5:15am. I pushed two time and Amelia was born st 5:16 am. Two pushes!!!

God’s blessing #5- The labor felt long but the pushing was short.

I was almost in shock by how fast she came out! They announced it was a girl, chris cut the cord and she was flopped on my chest.

She was beautiful and perfect ! She was 7 pounds 4 ounces and 20.5 inches long of pure JOY!

I was kind of in shock that she was so little, especially since everyone was so concerned about how big this baby was suppose to be.  She came out perfectly formed and so beautiful!

God’s Blessing #6: No stitches needed! Woot woot!

For any mama out there you know that this blessing is a game changer. You can push out a little person and still feel like a normal human. The placenta delivered about 5-7 minutes later. Then I got to nurse Amelia, close my eyes a bit and soak in the newness of this little life.

We called the Grandparents and our own kiddos. Then we were moved later that morning around 7 to the post pardum unit.  We had officially been awake for over 24 hours and I believe we got a chance to sleep before guest started to arrive.  Though we were tired we were anxious to introduce this little sweetie to friends and family.   Later that afternoon I was having a lot of blood clotting and we couldn’t figure out why.

God’s Blessing #7: Being in the hospital with staff that are amazing!!

My nurses and Doctors were amazing. They were so supportive and helpful and finally figured out around 6:00 that I had part of the placenta that was still attached in my uterus.  After that was extracted the bleeding stopped almost immediately as well as the clotting.  After that event I can say that it was smooth sailing.

I can fully and wholeheartedly say that the miracle of birth is something to behold.  I am thankful for the hand of God present before, during, and after Amelia’s birth.  AMEN

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