Amelia’s Birth Story- Part 1


I’ve tried to write down each of the kids birth story shortly after they are born. Reason being that mommy brain sets in, life marches on and God’s mercy in forgetting some of the pain does happen.

But for as much pain is involved in that delivery room something within me is sad when it is all over. Because those few precious minutes between being pregnant and having a newborn life put on your chest is  like witnessing a miracle. A miracle that only God could create and orchestrate.

If you are not one for birth stories I can tell you the short version: Mom made it and there was a beautiful baby born in the end. If you want to read the long version here is Amelia’s birth story just the way that God had planned

On Thursday June 1st, 2017 we had a pretty normal day. The previous day I went to my 38 week and 5 day check up and hadn’t really progressed that much and didn’t feel any closer.  On Thursday I went to my mops bible study in the morning. I left with lots of friends hoping they wouldn’t see me next week because I would be in the hospital or home with a baby.  We left did some errands and home for the remainder of the day.  When Chris got home from work that night  I told him I was a little nauseous but thought it was also just hunger. He agreed and made a yummy supper for us all. During supper he looked at me and said,” are we going to the hospital tonight? Are we doing this? ” my response was a total no. He then proceeded to fill up his glass of wine a bit more full.  After supper I left the table to go and sit in the rocking chair and suddenly

My water broke at 7 pm.

God blessing #1: Chris was home when I went into labor. 

My water has only really broke with Norah’s labor. It’s not a lot of water but enough to know that I didn’t just lose my bladder control but that something else is in motion here.Plans began to be put in motion.

God’s blessing #2: His perfect timing.

Grandma and Grandpa Maloney were called to come and stay at our house with the kids. Chris’ parents had just got back from the cabin and text that morning about being home and being able to watch the kids if we go to the hospital.

Chris’ adrenaline kids in and did all the random things outside he needed to finish, I finish packing my back and the kids were excited/ start to cry.

Grandma and Grandpa arrive and we start to settle down kids. Leeland is sad because he didn’t realize that he has to stay here instead of go to the hospital with us. Norah is sad too and Chris chats with her out in the porch about the baby.

God’s blessing # 3:  Putting our kids to bed before we leave.

Before Leeland was born and Amelia we got to put our kids to bed and have a normal goodnight. We prayed and calmed fears, gave hugs and kisses and said goodnight.

I started having small contractions maybe 15-20 minutes apart.  And we left for the hospital.  We arrived shortly after 10:00 pm.

We entered through the ER and were brought up to the labor and delivery floor. When we checked in they said they would do an exam to see if my water did break and if I would be staying here tonight. Chris’ response was , “She’s staying!” I don’t really do that thing were we go to the hospital and it’s a false alarm. When we go to the hospital we know that this baby is going to come!

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