Funny Kid Quotes, leeland

Leelands running commentary

We missed Leeland while we were at the hospital about a month ago.We told him how quiet it was and that we missed all his words. We knew that he would have lots of things to say about the new baby after she was born. Here are a couple of ones that stuck out and I could remember!

  • After calling the kids from the hospital and telling them they had a baby sister Leeland cries and says, ” But I wanted a brother!”
  • After Grandma Wilken arrives in the hospital room Leeland rushes over to Grandma to tell her the news  of his new sister but forgets her name and says, ” Grandma, grandma…. it’s a ….it’s a … we have another one.”
  • After seeing her umbilical cord Leeland says, “What’s that thing sticking out of her tummy?”
  • While swinging he said, “Amelia is my favorite of all babies .”
  • After her umbilical cord falls off Leeland says, ” oh her plug is out.”
  • When his feet fell asleep the other day he said, ” mom I think my feet slept too long.”

Leeland you are so full of life and words. I have been telling people that since you didn’t get a brother you have now turned into two boys at once: double the energy, double the loudness, double the fun. Sort of like those old double mint gum commercials. But we love you  so much and all your words !

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