When the cousins came

One of my favorite books children’s book is called When the relatives came by Cynthia Rylant

This is a delightful story about how aunts and uncles and cousins all travel in one big station wagon from Virginia. They fill the house with laughter, hugs, and fun!

This week my sister Molly and her 3 kids came to stay at our house from Monday nap time to Wednesday nap time( read here blog post here) . That is 7 kids 7 and younger in one space.  We had our own little version of when the relatives came.

Here are a few things we did when the cousins came.


  • Played with indoor toys: dollhouse, bug trucks, lego cars, etc….
  • Reading books in the shade
  • Crying
  • Girls playing Laura Ingalls Wilder
  • Random people getting hurt
  • More crying
  • Henry decided that he didn’t like Molly holding Amelia
  • Spotting hot air balloons
  • Went for a walk in the field.( Chris mowed in walking paths)
  • Had watermelon for dessert
  • Fed chickens watermelon scraps
  • girl sleepover with Anne in their room


  • Meet more cousins and aunts in the park to watch a play ( Read Ashley’s Blog post here)
  • Eat a picnic by the park’s flower beds
  • Celebrate Darin’s 16th birthday
  • Try not to lose children in the sunken garden
  • Laugh, smile and be oh so happy for family
  • Go swimming in the indoor pool
  • Meet cousin Ross- bonus helper at the pool
  • Swim, warm up in towels, rebound, swim some more
  • Confuse Henry about who is mother is (Darn those sisters they all look alike)
  • Snack time
  • Naps in car rides home
  • Transition video for the tired
  • More indoor playing
  • The Anne and Norah put on a play.
  • Playing on the swing set and doing trains down the slide
  • Put REALLY tired children and parents to bed


  • Catch up day
  • Quiet self play indoors
  • Kickball game with Aunt Molly
  • Over an hour of the girls playing baby dolls and house
  • Boys were wearing fire hats and playing with cars!
  • Lunch
  •  & Goodbyes

I texted my sister  after she left that these days are really hard as a mom ( the crying,  the feeding, the whining , the hurts and the fights) but they are the best( everything else:)!!

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