3 Weeks old

Amelia is three weeks old today!

We have enjoyed every day of her life. It is a blessing from God! 

She is starting to be more awake and look at the people that are holding her. The sleepy newborn honeymoon stage is not as prevelant.

At her two week appointment she weighed 8 pounds. 

The kids like talking about all her firsts: going to church, seeing a train, going to the pancake house, having a bath at home, wearing a specific outfit! 

She also had newborn photos done in Monday! Cute pictures to come!!!

At three weeks Amelia is so much apart of our lives and it’s hard to remember life before her. We give thanks to God for this sweet girl !

1 thought on “3 Weeks old”

  1. She definitely has your lips and nose! So cute! Almost a month has gone by and you sound like you are all adjusting so well!

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