Currently in June

Soaking up time with Amelia. I love this picture. It’s crazy to see my oldest and my youngest together. So blessed!

Going to our first play at the park with Aunt Laura and cousin Ashley

Eating meals brought to us by church families. Lillian keeps saying, ” Mom aren’t you glad you can eat real food again!”

Watching BBC Sherlock Holmes tv show on Netflix’s. It’s really good!

Attending MOPS bible study every Thursday. We are doing a study on the Psalms. It’s the perfect mix of mom support and bible study! 

Sleeping in the afternoon so I can function the rest of the day

Spending time with Grandma Wilken this week for a few days.  

Sitting on the porch watching the kids play outside.

Reading the book “Present over Perfect”. A great read on how to get rid of things that keep you from peace and rest.  

Splashing at the spray park on a beautiful summer day.

Learning how to give my older kids bits of one of one time so they don’t feel lost in this baby transition.

Thankful for having Amelia born in June , to have a break from school, nice weather to let kids play outside, for a friend who does a CSA to buy veggies from this year since I don’t have a garden.  

PS- most all of the activities all include me nursing Amelia while doing them.  Man I forget how much time I spend nursing! It takes a lot to grow those newborns.

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