1 Week Old

Dear Amelia Joy,

You are already 1 week old today. So many people have come to visit you and love on you!

Your eyes are a more brighter blue! They are starting to search for mama and those familiar voices. Since you have gotten home your are held almost exclusively in loving arms. Your siblings love you SO much!

You are such a little peanut but growing fast. At 5 days old you were already back up to 7 pounds.  You gained 2 ounces a day.

You have survived some trips in the car seat without much crying. Mama appreciates this so. Your siblings like to note when it’s your first time to do something: first picnic, mops, seeing a train, going to the Dr, and so on.

It’s been a week full of soaking in the joys of a newborn and learning more about you!!

We love you,


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