The Blessing of Family

If you would have asked us who was watching our kids while we were at the hospital our response was: we have lots of options but no idea who.   The fun/hard thing about going into labor naturally is that you can’t plan when it’s going to happen. Chris an I would often start to say if it happens on this day or at this time so and so can watch them. But then we would have more questions wth answers we couldn’t figure out.  So we just didn’t figure it out.  It was hard not to have a concrete plan but honestly we could have figured out a better plan than God orchestrated last week. 

My water broke on Thursday night at about 7:00 pm. Earlier in the day Grandma and Grandpa Maloney texted that they were back from the cabin and could come stay overnight with the kids if we went into labor. So one piece of our puzzle was figured out. Grandma and Grandpa were going to be our “night shift team” . They slept at our house and gave our kids the ability to sleep in their own beds and have some normal in their schedule. 

The second God timing blessing was having Amelia on the weekend. We started contacting different family members to help us cover the “day shift”. The Rupp’s had just finished school and offered to watch the kids on Friday, Aunt Heidi took Saturday, and Keith and Laura took Sunday.  Our kids went swimming, played at parks, were fed , watched movies, played with, read to, loved on, shuttled around the city and well taken care of! 

This made Chris and I super relaxed about the care of our children.  My mama heart was filled to overflowing as I was truest blessed by the loving care our children received.  God has blessed us with a loving and supportive family that came along side us and help us transition smoothly from being a family of 5 to a family of 6!

1 thought on “The Blessing of Family”

  1. Marisa, this is a perfect story about how not to obsess ahead of time about things we can’t control.
    I am an obsessor. It is a hard lesson, but the kind can drive us crazy when we try to figure everything out. I love the way God provided for you when your water broke. It is a great lesson for me.
    Have a great day with all your miracles. ❤️

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