2:56 a.m

The other night Miss Amelia woke up. I started to feed her and noticed she needed to be changed. I changed her diaper, sat in the rocking chair only to hear the loud sound of a newborn pooping again. I let her eat some more and started to change her diaper and wipe her up and while she was free of any diaper she pooped again all over her sleep sack blanket. I strip her down and suddenly Miss Amelia decides that it is awake time. She moves around, looks with her pretty blue eyes and starts to eat again. I figure that she is about done with everything so I start to get her back into some clothes. I then proceed to pull the other blanket out of the dirty laundry basket that was definitely less dirty then the present one and put it on her. I literally just finish zipping it and I hear that familiar sound of Amelia pooping again. 

This is the newborn life folks! 

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