My Oldest Turns 7

Dearest Lillian,

Today is the day you turn 7. (My heart beats a little faster and I get a little shortness of breath when I say that). You started talking about turning 7 for at least the last 364 1/2 days. There has been a change in you this past year.  You are growing taller and looking more mature.  You are such a little beauty. Not only on the outside, with your long hair, but definitely on the inside. I heard in a sermon that said the more a person develops a servant heart the more mature they become.  My dear you are on the path of developing a very loving and sincere servant heart. You serve your family and friends well.  You are a helper and SUCH a hard worker.

Things that remind me that you are more 7 now than 6:

You sit and talk with me and Dad a little more often than play on the playground with the Leeland and Norah. When we ask you if you want to go and play you say, “No, I”m good.”

You started to carry a purse. It’s contents include: Chap stick, Hand sanitizer, a little purse with some spending change.

You talk about having alone time

You demonstrate you cutting skills on preparing fruit and snacks for Norah and Leeland

You want to talk with the older cousins, but still have great play ideas for the little cousins.

You demonstrate your complex monkey bar routines and tricks, and make it look easy.

You ride your bike like a pro and have started to stand up a bit when you peddle.

You helped Grandma Wilken sell flowers and make arrangements at the market this summer.  You were so proud when your bouquets sold.

You ask great questions about what we read, learn, hear about, and about God.

You are starting to love others more than yourself. This my daughter is hard and you are doing it well.

Mom and Dad are starting to see the things that make you come alive with excitement and passion. Flowers and making things beautiful makes you passionate. Planning special birthday parties and scavenger hunts for your sister made you giddy with joy.  Spending time with others is your love language.  You love people and love to make them feel special. We pray that you continue to put God, and the needs of others at the forefront of your mind, heart and actions. We love you with all of our hearts.


Your mom


note: my blog is maxed out on space for pictures so today will have to be a post with just the sweetness of words.

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