July 24th- Return to JOY

This is the third anniversary of when Dad went up to Heaven. Lots have changed in three years.  Over time I have found john 16:20 to be true, “You will become sorrowful but your sorrow will turn to joy.”  I can tell you that on July 24th- my sorrow, my sadness, my shock, my loss, and my grief were all that I could feel.   However, the word of God is true and I have witness God turn my sorrow to joy. Not only mine, but my family’s sorrow has been turned to joy.

This week I have been reading a devotional study about Mourning and Dancing from She Reads Truth.  It has been good. I really have enjoyed reading it leading up to this day.  I like reading scripture about joy and sorry, life and death, hope and despair, because was have both in this life.  Three years ago I was pregnant with Leeland when dad died.  He got to feel the joy and excitement of knowing about this little life but dad did not have the opportunity to hold him in his arms, see his face  or learn about his little grandson on this side of heaven.  I have learned that ” Life and death are not respecters of each other. Mourning and dancing- they don’t always take turns.”

This week I also read in a devotion that, “God has given us an incredible ability to feel things deeply in their time- even conflicting emotions at the same time.”  So while I may still have many conflicting emotions today, I know that through God tears…are turned to joy, and through painful memories… there can be joy and even through sorrow … God can turn it to JOY.

Tonight we are having a sweet corn feed at our house in honor of dad.  He was a big fan of sweet corn. (We joked this summer that if dad was still here he and Leeland would have a serious sweet corn competition.) We will eat, remember, write memories on balloons and let them go free.  There will be sadness but oh so much JOY!





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