Spring Plant Experiments


This year for Science we have used The Curious Kid’s Science Book ” by Asia Citro. One of the sections is all about plants and I had been saving this section for spring.   For the last three weeks we have been learning about plants, sprouting seeds, and documenting about them in our plant journals.  Here are some of the experiments we have tried so far:


Do Seeds Sprout Faster in the Warm or Cold?
1st we sprouted them on a wet paper towel in a ziplock bag.  The girls put some bags in cold and warm places around the house. We watched them for a few days and by day 4 the seeds in the warm/sunny places started to grow roots.  It took the seeds on in the cooler areas  a few days later to sprout. After 1 week we put all the seedlings in new bags and put them in sunny warm windows.

After another couple weeks we let the plants grow while the girls wrote in their plant journals.  Then we transplanted them into little pots. After plants got a bit bigger I let the girls pick what type of experiment the girls wanted to do.

Plant Maze

Lillian choose to do the Plant maze. She took an old orange box and made different paper shelves that the plant had to grow around to to get to the hole in the top of the box.   By the end of the 2nd day the plant was already growing around the paper shelves.  By the end of the week it grew out the top of the box.  The little plant had a very tall stem and tiny little leaves.

Watering Plants with Orange Juice, Milk and Water

Norah picked a watering experiment.  She had three different plants that were watered every other day with the different liquids. By day 4 there was mold growing  around the milk and orange juice plant and in Norah’s words , “They stunk!”


After our experiments concluded we transplanted our bean plants and put them in bigger pots into the garden.  It was such a fun way to do some simple science experiments with kids at home.  Who knows we might even get some green beans later this summer from this experiment.

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