Cute things I never write down but today I did


When I was calling upstairs to tell the girls to come down for school I said this,“Lillian time for reading….. (pause) yes, mom!”

Leeland said this,

“Norah you play me (which means play with me) ….. yes, mom!”

Leeland calls Hippos “Hopies”

He calls any boy Lego person, doll house person a “Daddy”. The two doll house males are affectionately called , “Green Daddy and Blue Daddy” based on the color of their pants.

When the girls wanted to go inside  and be done playing, Leeland said this,

“ahhh, girls no play  me”



The other day she was singing and skipping around outside and I heard her sing this phrase,

“He’s the best I’ve ever known.” (When I asked her who she was singing about she said , “Jesus.”)

Norah was convincing Chris and I to eat outside for supper. Here was one of her reasons why it was a good idea.

“If we eat outside we won’t even have to open up the door  to go and play when we are done we can just get up and go play.” ( we ate outside 🙂 )


A chicken got into our garden and pooped in the Zinnia bed.  Lillian said,

“Mom are you ok with leaving the poop in there because it will make good compost for the plants to grow. Are you ok with that?”

When we were working in the garden early one morning Lillian said,

“Good thing we are out here, plants are kind of more important than school, right mom? “

When Lillian’s bike tire went flat she said this,

“So should we just text Larry or something?”(Larry is my Uncle and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t text. He does fix bikes but lives 2 hours away)


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