Monday Naptime – Wednesday Naptime

My sister  Molly and I have found out that the perfect amount of time to visit someone, while bringing children along with you, is to travel at naptime on Monday and leave to go home on Wednesday at naptime. The great thing about this time frame is that there is only two days you really have to pack for, only two sleeps at someone else’ house, and only one nap time to do that is not in a car (which may or may not happen).  I have recently taken a couple of the Monday to Wednesday trips with the kids.

TRIP #1 – Fairmont/ Albert Lea

After Easter we stayed at my moms house for a few extra days. Being at Grandma’s house is fun because you get Grandma all to yourself.

  • The kids played with every toy imaginable.
  • Grandma cooked kid friendly food. (We found out that Norah loves corndogs!)
  •  My brother Bryan babysat for me so I could go with Mom and my sister-in-law Becky to a women’s night out with other women from their church. It was great- I got to chat and eat yummy dessert and Bryan made a cool fort they will never forget.  (Thanks Uncle Bryan!)
  • I took the kids to the park. Leeland asked repeatedly if he could jump in the lake. I said no.

On Tuesday we drove over to see my sister Molly and her family.  Day trips are fun because packing is minimal and you can accomplish a lot. Here are just a few of the things we did on Tuesday for about 8 hours:

  • Played at their house
  • Went their awesome story time at their library.
  • Ate lunch together
  • Made resurrection rolls
  • Went on a trip to the school bus barn (Thank you Uncle Ryan)
  • More play

We left feeling full and the kids exhausted. Grandma saved the day by having supper for us to eat immediately when we got home.

Trip #2- Fargo

Last week we did our first Monday- Wednesday trip to stay with one of my friends, Tasha,  that I have known for over 15 years! We drove up to Fargo, ND. Tasha hosted us in her house with her daughter Teagan. Her husband was out of town on Job training so it was just us moms and kids.  Weather was a little cold and windy but even so we managed to do as much outside as we could. It’s so fun to visit your friends and mother together. ( Tasha you are an AMAZING MOMMY!  )You see how they live and the fun little details of the day to day.  Here is a little list of the highlights:

  • Walks around the neighborhood while the kids used their scooters
  • Having your kids bond together
  • Make home made pizzas and eating kid friendly food.
  • Exploring a fun indoor kid climbing zone at a near by workout gym.  $2 per kid for the whole day.  A WIN WIN. Lillian and Norah got their brother to go down the big tall slide and they were so proud of him.We went two different times that day and I totally wore them out so sleeping that night was not a problem.
  • Going to new parks
  • Walking across a river bridge and learning about bike paths
  • Painting toe nails and catching up on life as two busy moms.
  • On the way home we stopped by the Brookings museum for the last hour they were open. It was fun to stop by and get out of the car to play.

Note of reality to others:  ( You kids will still throw fits, have to have time outs, maybe not sleep the best, and at some point you and your kids will lose it! However, this is really no different that what happens at home. But the time spent with friends and family totally out weighs the frustration and slight sleep loss. So go ahead , be BRAVE, travel with you kids. Enjoy life and the freedom of this stage and age. 


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