Jumping off


Since becoming  parents one of the biggest challenges Chris and I have faced is how to teach, discipline, and train up a Strong Willed child with out  crushing their spirit. How do you mold and guide with out taking out what God has put in?

On the day to day- parenting a child with strong will is HARD. As my family and friends know- I’m constantly asking for prayer, wisdom, guidance, strategy and patience.  Little things like brushing our teeth and getting dressed in the morning turn into big battles.  Tempers rage and tears are shed (for both parent and child). This is hard when life with little ones , is all about the 100’s of little things we do each day.

I honestly don’t have many answers. However, last night I saw the evidences of what strong will can do.  Strong will can send you up to the diving board in the deep end of the pool and then challenge you to jump off……

and then  do it!!!!

Strong will pushes you to do more than you could or anyone else thought you could do.  Strong will turns into boldness, courage, determination, standing in ones convictions, passion and pursuit of impossible dreams.

Isn’t that the character traits we want our kids to be when they are adults? So until I see those refined character traits I will continue to tell myself that training up a strong willed child is HARD however,  watching that child grow into their God inspired destiny is worth it! And remember it even helped them to jump off the diving board.

2 thoughts on “Jumping off”

  1. Great joys can come from great frustrations!! Praise God for his great grace that never ends! Glad you guys are all healthy again!

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