While the Kids were sick…

Last week sickness  hit our house hold.   It was a long week of meeting needs, whining, coughing, fevers- times three.  It was like a whole week of our lives was vaporized.  Sickness is hard.  Sickness with little kids is really hard.  We really tried to make the best of it.

Yes, there was lots of videos and  crying   and probably more videos.

Here are a few things that we did that did make the week sort of redeeming


  • I read aloud a lot.  We read a three book series.  “My Father’s Dragon”, “Elmer and His Dragon”, “The Dragons of Blueland.”  This was a great and fast read aloud for us. It’s a fast reading adventure story.  With the first book we made a lap book based  on one from this website.  With the other two books we just read straight through.  A fun series to own and reread again.
  • The other thing we brought to play with was a big cardboard box.   We first cut out a door and then they continued to decorate it inside and out.  It first became a bus, then a ticket stand and then lastly a puppet stage.
  • Later in the week we skyped  Grandma and Aunt Laura to act out a few puppet shows. At the end of the sickness I always am thankful for renewed health and the routine of the normal.


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