100th Day of School

On Monday we had a bit of fun and celebration in our little school room.  As part of our calendar we had been keeping track of how many days we have been in school.  I had told the kids about different things I had done in my classrooms in Kindergarten when I taught and they were anxious to have a celebration of our own.
It was a day full of celebration and fun!

Here are a few things that we did on this special day!

  • I decorated the room with balloons, streamers, and wrote the number 100 on the white boards 100 times
  • We had a breakfast that looked like a 100 (a banana piece with two muffins)
  • We made 100 day crowns complete with 100 dots on them. Norah wrote out One Hundred Day of School out phonetically (unprompted) “WHNDHSC”
  • We put 100 stickers on a piece of paper. Lillian did 100 different colored Alphabet stickers and Norah did her name in alphabet stickers.
  • We made patterns with our name on a 100 day chart.
  • We made a chain 100 chains long and 100 blocks in a row.
  • We read lots of 10oth day books
  • We made a special snack mix using 100 pieces of food
  • We counted out 100 cents and went to the dollar store so each kid could pick out their own item (Lillian and Norah picked out princess jewelry and Leeland a Yellow car)
  • We met Chris at Scheels for Lunch and we rode the Ferris Wheel (normally costs a dollar but a friend gave us free tokens) Then the kids played in the free climbing zone:) so much fun

It was fun to celebrate! Lots of days are just normal so it was fun to change things up and add a little magic!

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