A Royal Tea


On Saturday, I had the privilege to host a tea table as part of a fundraiser for Royal Family Kids!  Royal Family Kids is a national program that  help kids who are in the foster system, ages 6-12, attend a life-changing camp experience.  The tea was a beautiful gathering of women of all ages.  People that have been involved with Royal Family for years and ones that have never heard of of it.

On Saturday I got to share some of that reason why I love Camp and Royal Family Kids so much. I got to bring my girls so they could be apart of this mission that is now apart of my family’s  missions as well.  My mom got to meet all the people that I talk about.  Everyone’s hearts were opened…changed…. touched… we were reminded of how small moments of love and time can change a person’s life.

Two years ago a group of people from my church( along with two of my sisters) went to camp and got to help serve a meal and host different station games for kids at camp. That night changed me. It made me want to help more.   That one night has led me to be  more involvement in our local Jump day (a day camp for these same kiddos) that is on four different Saturdays throughout the year.

I have had the privilege to plan crafts and science experience for the kids on these Jump days.  Each time I go my heart opens a bit more for the kids I meet. They are starting to recognize me and know my name. We are starting to trust each other.   I get to color and play games, help them cook, and share God’s love with them.

When we got home Lillian told me, “I think that I would be a good helper at camp with I get older.” I’m excited to see at a young age the mission of helping the “least of these” already planted in my kiddos hearts.






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