Learning to Ice Skating


Winter Bucket List

Teaching the girls how to Ice Skate-December 27th, 2015

The girls had wanted to try ice skating this winter and my brother, sister-in-law and nephew graciously helped us accomplish that goal. *Notice the adult to children learning to skate ration 4:2. This is important people!  We went to the local ice rink. I hadn’t been skating there for over 15+ years. I also hadn’t skated in over 15+ years. We used to skate there as a family. I can still picture dad skating around in his light blue hat and showing us how he skated on one foot.   I also watched many hockey games of Ross’ in that rink as well.  I thought it fitting that my girls learn to skate there.

As far as skating goes, I realized that it’s like learning to bike, it does come back to you. Luckily, they did have those “ice walkers” that the girls could use to help them balance on the ice.  Bryan and Ross taught what your body should look like and how to move on the ice.  Norah picked it up it up pretty fast and before long was chasing after Bryan.  She seemed quiet natural and a fast learner.  Lillian took a bit longer but made huge improvements during the hour and half we were there.  I didn’t fall once , however, the next day I felt how tightly I was clenching my whole body to stay vertical 🙂

I am so glad that we got to learn how to skate from the Wilkens. THANK YOU!  I think we will have to make that a reoccurring activity next time we are in Fairmont!

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