Christmas Bucket List- Seeing a Live Nativity!

For the last few years I have wanted to take the kids to a live Nativity during December. There are a few around, that churches put on but none really seemed to work for us. They are usually at night, and most are in Sioux Falls. This year my mom saw a sign outside of Brandon talking about a Live Nativity.  It was just 5 miles from our house on a farm east of our house.  I had told Chris about it and we mentioned it to our hair dresser. She raved about it, seeing it last year and then we were all in.

The road leading up to the farm had milk jug luminaries for 1 whole mile. We parked and sat by some hay bales to watch the show. Members of their church were dresses up like the people from the Christmas Story. They had a taped narration that played and a live church choir.  The Wise Men had a llama and some donkeys and then we all as an audience sang Christmas Carols and walked into the barn. Inside the barn were the live animals and the Stable scene. Even a live baby playing Jesus.  A lady sang, What child is this? Then we all sang Silent Night.  It was truly one of those beautiful moments that takes you back to this simple birth, of the most important God we serve.

We hung out in the barn and petted the cows, sheep, and donkeys.  The kids loved being inches away from all the animals.  Then we went to another barn for Christmas Cookies, and coco.

It was a great night. The perfect length for kids and a great reminder to us all of the baby born in a humble stable!

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