LEELAND turns T W O!!


Dear Leeland,

Today is your birthday. I have been telling you for the last few days that this time we are going to say Happy Birthday to Leeland.  You say, “No!” When I carry you to your crib, I say, “Are you my little baby?” and you say, “No!” You are absolutely correct though, you are my big, active, 30+ pound, fun loving two year old!

Mom and Dad joke because we say we feel like you have been two for  many months now. You have grown up fast and love to keep up with those sisters.  You and Norah are very good buddies, you play well together usually.  You are always calling her name and looking for her.  You let Lillian read you books and help you get water.  They take good care of you.

You are talking up a storm. Some words we understand and most we don’t.  Everyone says that you are going to talk a lot.  You have many important things that you want to tell us.  You are using two- three word phrases: Please help Mom, more wa-wa please, up please.  You also use the word MINE a lot.

You absolutely love trains, trucks and cars.  You take them to nap with you and sleep with them at night.  You like to carry them around the house and move them on different surfaces.  After breakfast you always love to play with your trains.  You like to watch trains videos, and wear your Thomas shirt.  Sometimes you take all of your trains and little buses and put them in the Doll house mini-van and move them around.  Putting things in things never gets old.

You are now officially a fan of books. You like to read before nap and bedtime. Here are your favorites: Good night Gorilla, Little Blue Truck,  There’s a Mouse in the House, Pat the Bunny, and any touchy feely Cat , Dog, or Cow book!

You love to sing, dance and move fast.  You can even go down the carpeted stairs on your tummy in about 2 seconds.  You  love to make things fun!  you can keep going strong, but still take a long two + hour nap in the afternoon. If you wake up on your own you always have a smile on your face and are pretty happy.

We are excited to celebrate you today! My sweet boy!



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