The “Big Trip” part 4- The Wilderness Lodge


Wednesday,  November 25th-Friday,  November 27th- Wisconsin Dells

Two years ago at Thanksgiving we went to the Lodge in Wisconsin. You can read that post here. Dad had died that summer and we all wanted to do something different, make new memories, in a new place for Thanksgiving. Mom had talked to some friends and we decided to give this place a try.  After such an awesome time we really wanted to go back again.

After leaving Mt. Olympus we told the girls that we were going to drive by the hotel we stayed at last time with Grandma.  We saw my sister and her family arrive and Chris went to talk to them and got them to leave a hotel key for us so we could go in. We walked in the hotel and knocked on the door. Grandma opened it and the girls found out we were spending Thanksgiving there with the Wilkens.  Que excitement and shock!

Everyone quickly changed and got ready to go swimming again! It was a fun filled sweet time with my family.


  • Watching Lillian go with the big kids down tons of slides
  • Finding my daughter, Norah in the hot tube with different aunties 🙂 (thank you Becky and Heidi)
  • Seeing Leeland and Peter passed out on Chris and Ryan in the Lazy River.
  • Going down the  little kid slide with  Anne and Leeland and Molly
  • Realizing that my sons pants were wet because I put his jeans on over his swim diaper! (sadly this is the second time in his life I have done this)
  • Trying Pizza with cheese curds on it. Yumm Yumm
  • Going to the ball area and watching Norah and Anne be Brave with climbing around by themselves. Worried that Peter and Leeland are feeling a bit too brave all by themselves.
  • Having a special date with Norah and Aunt Heidi to paint pottery. Norah painted a horse and then later that day Lillian and I painted at 9 at night. Lillian painted a cat.
  • We had a yummy Thanksgiving buffet meal (Thanks Mom) with the family.
  • It was fun to watch Lillian and Norah do new things this time around.
  • Molly and I also went down some tube rides since last time we couldn’t because we were both pregnant.



  • Getting cheese on the way out of Wisconsin and having Leeland freak out (in a good way) because there is a a giant mouse with cheese.


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