The “Big Trip” Part 3- Mt. Olympus

Wisconsin Dells- Monday, November 23rd- 25th

Our next leg of the trip included trying out an indoor water and amusement park in the Wisconsin Dells. We had not been there before and got a really good rate and deal for a two night stay.  This place was perfect for younger kids this age.

The Water Park

  • Had a great slide area for the kids.  Leeland started going down the big slide all by himself. The lifeguard said he had never seen anyone so young do that slide by himself.  This area was great because it didn’t have very much spraying water.
  • Lillian decided that she would now join the ranks of the big kids and try out the tube slides and body slides.  The first day her and Chris tried the 1st tube slide “for Beginners” by the end of the day she was going down the tallest slide they had. She also loved going down the body slide.
  • Norah enjoyed making a little play group for some three year olds at the pool. She would get them all do go down the slide and they swam and talked to each other.
  • Chris noted that the water park was “Mayan” themed and not Roman like the Mt. Olympus theme.
  • Marisa liked trying some of the tube slides and body slides for the 1st time in many years!


Indoor Amusement Park

  • This resort also had a indoor area that was filled with free Kiddy Rides. The kids would go from ride to ride with no lines.  Leeland could do most of them with an adult and the girls could do all of them by themselves. We went here two different times and the girls had the best time!
  • Lillian and Norah both loved the Roller Coaster, flying plains, the big  swings, tea cups, and hot air balloons.
  • We as a family also drove endless rounds of bumper cars.
  • This was a big highlight for the kids!

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