Our “Big Trip” part 2 – Pizza & Peach Pits

Rhinelander, WI – Sunday Novebember 22nd – 23rd

  • Visit Chris’ Aunt and Uncle  Ray and Katheryn
  • See the Hodag
  • Release the secrete of the Wisconsin Dells.

Last time we were in Rhinelander was 7 years ago for Chris’ Grandpa’s funeral.  We had stopped by briefly to meet his Aunt and Uncle , Ray and Katheryn. I was pregnant with Lillian  at the time.   We stopped by their house with Pizza. It was great to introduce them to our kids.  We got to talk and catch up. Katheryn and Chris talked about family trees and genealogies, Ray showed the kids how to turn on the little fountain on the side table,  Katheryn did puzzles with the girls,  and we talked and talked.  Then Katheryn showed us this little peach pit that her great uncle carved and gave to her. He used to turn peach pits into little baskets. It was the the neatest thing.

The next morning we to go and visit the Hodag, a statue of a mythical creature that lives in Rhinelander.  We also got to go and visit Ray at his printing shop.  Leeland was so tired he fell alseep at the shop.  The girls liked seeing the giant machines.  We stopped by to see Katheryn one more time and then let the kids in on the Wisconsin Dells surprise.  They were totally surprised!  It was fun to actually be able to let them in on the next part of our trip!




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