After going to our Church’s Trunk or Treat Harvest Festival for the last 4 years we really wanted to participate and host a trunk this year. We decided to do a Fruits of the Spirit theme.  I had made the huge poster of the tree with the fruits of the spirit on them and Chris constructed the biggest “prize wheel” I’ve ever seen.  The kids helped me put on fruits of the spirit stickers on each of the over 800 candies.  Some of them had special messages like, “Self-Control, wait to this candy until tomorrow” or “Kindness, share half this candy with someone”.

We were flooded with people from 5 pm until 8 pm.  We handed out over 700 pieces of candy to kids! I think our wheel was spun at least 800 times on October 31st!  Our church fed 1,700 people.  That was over double that were there last year.  It was pretty amazing to see.

Lillian and Norah went around with their cousin Ashley to the different trunks! (note to self: having a cousin to help out with the kids made this whole night very doable) Leeland sat in a camping chair for 2+ hours watching the lines of dressed up kids.   He had a steady stream of Nachos, m&m’s and popcorn that helped keep his attention.  The girls loved every minute of it and even got to see a performing Zebra. So thankful to our church for this awesome outreach to our city and faith family activity.

Past Trunk or Treats post:  2011 , 2012,  2013 , 2014 (by far my favorite kid photos)

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