Fun Field Trips

One of my goals this year in homeschooling was being intentional about doing field trips with the kids.  I recently read a blog post by Alicia Hutchinson and she talked about ways to make learning enchanting and fields trips definitely made her list.  I have to remind myself that one of the main reasons I home school is to leave our schedule open to these types of activities. So it’s OK if we do school later in the day so we can learn something at a field trip!We put the little field trip bus on our calendar at school to help build anticipation! I try to choose field trips that will engage all my kiddos, ones that we can do together as a family. Sometimes there are bigger field trips like visiting a factory and sometimes a field trip is just going to the library or a green house to pick out pumpkins.

Here are some of the field trips we have done so far this year – big and little:

  • Puppet show at the Library about Chicken little
  • Science Night at the Children’s Museum in Brookings, SD – This was an awesome night were the Museum was just open for 2+ hours to members only. It was fun and quiet.  They had different science experiments all around and outside.  There was dry Ice to make ice cream, and other fun dry ice experiments.  One of our favorite things of the night was a session with the Zoo mobile.  The kids were in the front row and got to see 4 different fun creatures  (snake, owl, porcupine and painted turtle).
  • Making Pretzels at Auntie Annie’s in the Mall-  We met some other home school families.  We learned about the history of pretzels and then each kid got to make their own cinnamon sugar pretzels.  It was a bit of a wait but the kids were pretty excited that after their wait was a homemade pretzel they made themselves.
  • SDSU Dairy Tour- We met up with local home school families at the SDSU Creamery.  It’s always a good field trip that ends up in an ice cream shop.   We got to see where they make cheese, milk, and butter, we also got to learn about the flavor they are most famous for and that is Cookies and Cream.  Chris took off work so he could join us that day.  Then after we took the tour we tried some of their freshly made ice cream.  Since our field trip was just in the morning we went to the children’s museum that afternoon.  It was a bit busier but the kids had fun doing all the activities with dad. The big thing that they did was  go into building area and made a house with Chris.

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