School & Science for the 2015-2016 School year

We have been going strong with homeschool this year.  We are 20 + days in and we are all learning a lot.  Each day is different depending on what we are doing and how Leeland is doing.  I have a simple lesson plan ( here is where I got the template from) with our “essentials”. The girls take turns highlighting each item on my list when we are done. I am going to write up our plan for school this year.  Every year I go through a great debate with what curriculum we need to use, order, what will be best to teach the kids.  With that in mind,  I would like to share some of the items that we have purchased this year and are enjoying.

  1. Science-  Fun Science Lessons from Curious Kids Science Book by Asia Citro. I have followed her blog for over a year and have enjoyed all her hands on art projects.  This is her 2nd book but the first science book she has put together.  It’s fun, easy, open ended, engaging and gets kids to ask questions.  We try to do at least one science experiment a week.  Hopefully, this winter we will implement “Science Saturday” where the kids will be doing science lessons with dad or as a whole family.  Here are the lessons that we have done so far. We are doing the water unit.
Relentlessly Fun, Deceptively Educational: How many drops of water fit on a penny? (A Surface Tension Experiment):
We did a surface tension water experiment were we would see how many drops of water we could drop on a penny before it runs over.
This was a great science experiment we did with water and paper flowers. We traced flowers on different types of paper (writing paper, construction paper, paper towel, card stock, & computer paper) fold them and then would drop them into the water. We would count how long it would would take to open up flat. Then we balanced the frogs on the flower to see how many we could put on before it would sink. The girls thought to draw on the flowers so they would look beautiful when they open up. This was a great experiment that was very open ended and engaged the kids to no end.
Notice the difference on how water color spreads on wet and dry paper towels. The girls really enjoyed this experiment. They got to use droppers and watch how water color spread, and mixed together.
Walking Water Kids Science Experiment!
Showing how water can travel. This was a bit of a fail for us. We could not get the color to mix in the middle of the jar. We did get the color to travel up the paper towel a bit.




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