Salt Watercolor Painting ART

One art project we did this last month was a new technique involving salt, glue and watercolor.


 We had first seen this art project in the Artful Year book.  We put it in our lesson plans and were not disappointing!

  1. First you draw a lines or a picture with a pencil on a sheet of card stock.
  2. Next I traced the pencil lines with glue
  3. Then we covered the lines with salt. We let the glue and salt dry a bit
  4. Then the fun begins.  I put different liquid water colors  in ice cube trays for the girls to use.  From there they dip their water color brush in the water color and just lightly touch the salt, painting on the color will just wipe away the salt.  The girls experimented with  dripping different colors and watching them spread and mix . It really did keep their attention for a very long time.

5.  Then we let the paintings dry again. We were unable to hang them up do to much of the salt coming off but it was a fun project and will will definitely try it again.


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