Lillian Turns 6

Lillian’s birthday was such an amazing day this past month in September. It was awesome for this mama because it hit a few of these benchmarks:

  • Her party was on her actual birthday! She was born on a Saturday and it was awesome.  I love it when we get to celebrate on that day. Make a big deal and then we are done at the end of the day.
  • We had the party at a beautiful park in LuVerne. We love this park due to it’s enormity in size, benches that are swings,  beautiful surroundings, and the fact that it has all these playground you can go around and play at.
  • Family on both sides could come and celebrate.  It’s a beautiful thing to see family come and love on your kiddo

You had a park birthday -themed party.

These friends helped you celebrate:  The Rupps, Maloneys, Hawkins, Grimmius’, G& G Maloney, The Wilkens, & Grandma Wilken

Costco provided your birthday treat, which was a chocolate princess cake.

One of the best things that happened at your party was: we got to have it at a park with lots of equipment to play on.

Some of your gifts included: American Girl Doll, spot it, a bed for your doll, fairies, Elsa dress.

Here’s how I’ll always picture you at this age: : Long blond hair, busy girl who is growing up.

God has definitely given you natural ability! I love to watch you sing, learn , bike, do the monkey bars

This is the year you biked on two wheels for the first time.

This is the funniest thing you’ve ever said! (so far): You say “That looks interesting” when you want us to buy something for you at a rummage sale.  


Here is her Birthday Interview from the Birthday Journal we fill out every year:

Interview conducted by Mom on 9/21/2015

We sat down at our family room for a nice long chat.

During the interview, the subject rocked in the rocking chair.

Here is what we discussed:

What are you thankful for today? School

What’s something you’re really good at? reading words

What do you wish you knew how to do? climb a tree

What would you like to be when you grow up? a nurse

What’s your favorite song? “Let it Go”

How does it feel to lose teeth? Hasn’t happened but she wants to.

Is there something you’d like to ask God? What is it? How did you make us?

Lunch :Bread,mayo, butter, and meat sandwich

Thing to wear: Elsa dress

Time of day: morning

Activity: swimming

Person to spend time with: Logan


Guess what? You’ve been named president of the world!

What will you wear on your first day in office? A dress with cherries on it.

What special song will they play when you walk into a room? “Let it Go”

You have the chance to change one big problem the world has today. What problem will you fix? Feeding Animals

How will you do it? I will be feeding them food.

Who is the best person to help you do it? Why? God- because he knows about everything.

Read about her 1st birthday here,  3rd birthday here, 4th birthday here

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