Letter to a Six Year Old


Dear Lillian,

You are now officially  six years old.  This is a birthday that you have been pretty excited to get to.  You can say the date of your birthday.   You have been not only been growing taller but really been growing into a young lady. You are pretty proud to be the oldest and first born in the family.

This week alone you learned how to ride a two wheel bike, with no training wheels, all the way down to the end of the driveway. You have been reading 3-5 letter words, writing and learning cursive and  trying so very hard to learn to read.  You have also gotten your own library card, so that you can check  out as many ballerina books as you want!

You are an early riser, up around 6 and I think that this is the year the you may give up naptime for good. You love to listen to books on tape to during rest time.  You often will listen to chapters and chapters of books while you color in our bedroom.

I am learning that you are a girl that likes to know the plan for the day. I often hear, “So what are we going to do today?”. If you could you would either have people over or go to someones house every day of the week.  You enjoy and love to play with others.

Play time is all about making forts with blankets, playing house and making little spaces for you, Norah and your dolls. You like to dress up as Elsa and have your doll match in her Elsa dress.

Your hair is as long as ever, and you still love to wear skirts and dresses.

You use phrases like, ” That is interesting” or “She did a really good job” ( When talking about the lady who presented for the Zoo Mobile”

God has given you a kind, compassionate, and loving heart!

I am proud to be  the Mom of such a precious gift from God!




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