A picture”less” vacation… well almost


We took exactly 7 pictures of our time at the lake on Chris’ phone this last weekend.  1 of two cute kiddos in a boat, 3 of a rock tower Chris built, and 3 of a fish that Chris was having a hard time identifying (It was a smallmouth bass).   I didn’t mean to have a vacation with no pictures. But I did forget the camera and I was trying to not have my phone everywhere I went. However, I have to admit that it was kind of nice to just sit and relax and enjoy the moment.

Chris’ Mystery fish- the smallmouth bass

Here are a few of my favorite memories from our Labor Day trip to the Cabin in pictureless form:

  • fishing from the boat. (our whole family- 4 fishing poles and 5 people) not having anyone snag another (though there were some close calls). The fish count was low. Chris caught a few but the rest of us no luck. The girls did great. Norah was so proud of her “cast”. Leeland like to take my pole and just jab it in the water like fish poking.  I’m pretty sure he would have cried if he did get a fish on the pole. He wasn’t so sure of that part, but he sure did like to hit the water with my pole.
  • Lillian enjoying tube rides at the lake! Wanting to go slow.. but then having a pretty fast ride at the end.
  • Having the kids WANT to walk up the hill from the lake. I remember the slow and long treks with little feet. Racing to the top is much better.
  • Getting 6-7 inches of rain in two days! So much rain…..
  • One day we went to Lake George in much need of Gross Motor Play. They played on the swing set in their swimsuits. Then going to swim at the beach. Lillian termed event , “Park Swim”.  They had fun making new friends. They almost always ask a kid to play. That day they played with an Ella at the park and swam with a Bella at the beach. No relation between the girls.  We were there for 4 + hours. It was beautiful, the sand was fun and for lunch we pulled whatever we had in the car for a picnic. Our lunch included: Grandpa’s popcorn, beef jerky, 1 scone, granola bars, cashews, and water. What a feast. Then it was more swimming and more digging in the sand.
  • Lillian enjoyed nightly games with Grandma playing flinch ( a card game). She kept asking me, “Mom isn’t this game really good for my math skills?”
  • Going to a end of summer picnic at the lake with “lake neighbors”.  Enjoying wild rice dishes( a hot wild rice dish with carrot and potato and a cold dish with wild rice and cranberries and oranges0) also lots of garden treats!
  • Northern Minnesota Rummage Sales- A used girls bike for $5… New 10 piece set of  oven safe ceramic little bowls…. More wooden puzzles for the cabin….interesting old books!
  • The kids’ first canoe ride.  We took two canoes out to explore the bay. Chris had Lillian in the red Canoe and I had Norah and Leeland in my canoe.  They did GREAT! Smiles all around.  Lillian tried paddling a bit. Leeland helped to hand paddle…  I see this event more in our future.
  • boat rides- the first boat ride Leeland sat by Norah up in the front. They held hands and Lillian held onto the handle of Leeland’s life jacket. It was so sweet to watch his sisters protect him!


 It is a picture of a rock tower that Chris built by the lake shore.  Norah counted and it was 10 rocks high and also taller than Norah. It stayed upright for 2 days until either a storm knocked it over or some passers-by.

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