N I N E years

‘Therefore a man shall leave his father and his mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’? So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let not man separate.” Matthew 19:5



9 years ago it was a beautiful Sunday in August when Chris and I became Husband and Wife.  Chris and I had planned much of our Wedding and knew pretty much everything that was happening in the service and throughout that day.   We enjoyed and liked to do it together.

There was one moment 9 years ago, however,  that I didn’t know would happen-my Dad’s speech. We had heard from different people that Dad was walking around the church with this little pad of paper.  Our photographer that day even had a precious picture of Dad and Pastor Steve looking at this little notepad.


Dad had one line to say in the wedding in response to “Who gives this women to this man?” As far as I knew his response would be “Her mother and I do.” However, as I stood at the front of the Alter, arm and arm with my dad, I saw him pull out this little note pad of paper.  Pastor Steve asks his Question and here is what my dad said:

“Chris when you asked in March if you could marry Marisa I said, “Yes!” This is an appropriate question and needs a response.  So it is with great joy and with our blessing that Marisa’s mom, Sue, and I her Dad, Keith, not only give but also release Marisa to you so that you can establish a new covenant relationship of marriage as ordained and established by God, written in the scripture, the Bible.  Sue and I , Mike and Carolyn have seen God blessing you these past eight months. God is here blessing you today and will continue to bless you in the days and years ahead.  With This I say Praise God and Amen. ”

I think at the time I didn’t appreciate- to the depth- I  do now  the words he spoke.  In just a few short sentences he established Marriage being ordained by God,  releasing me into a covenant marriage, and blessing and praising God.  He could have just said, “Her mother and I do.” But he choose to take that time and honor God, speak into this Marriage, and help me to leave my parents and cleave to my husband.

I have very few things that are actually written out in dad’s handwriting.  My dear sister Laura, unearthed this note  with his wedding speech – while searching through piles of papers in my dad’s office.  I’m so glad that dad saved it. I will treasure this little note and prayer from my dad.

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