Summer is… The Book Walk … Part 4


This was the 3rd year that we went to the book walk.    The Siouxland Library puts on a books walk from the Falls Park to the River Walk Amphitheater. This is always on our Summer bucket list. On each side of the sidewalk there is pages of the book you read as you travel down the bike path.  It was a beautiful day  to be outside! This year they brought the book mobile. We got to go inside a bus and checkout books. The kids thought that was pretty fun to check out books and then read them by the Falls.  When we got to the Amphitheater there was snacks and listen to some fun music.

We ended up spending most of the day at the park.  We ate at the cafe and the kids jumped from rock to rock.  Leeland saw the Falls and said, “Wawa” and started taking off his shirt. He was ready to go swimming.


It was a day where we stayed longer, and had nothing to rush off to. So we just stayed and enjoyed  and will definitely be back next year!

Pictures from last year’s Book walk! Can’t believe how the kiddos have grown.

Read about our first Book Walk in 2013 HERE!!

Why we love the Books Walk and why we will be back!

  • You get to read books while you are outside
  • Free snacks of Popcorn and Lemonade
  • Face painting
  • Visit the Book-mobile and check out books.
  • It’s free
  • We get to visit the the Falls
  • We eat at the Falls Cafe for a special treat!
  • The kids get to jump around and from rock to rock!

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